Top Color Treated Diamonds

As we move further into 2024, we have created a video presentation which introduces our color treated diamonds. What are color treated diamonds? Color treated diamonds are natural mined diamonds that have undergone ether the HTHP (High Pressure High Temperature) … Continued

Caratsdirect2u is Now on Pinterest.

We are pleased to announce that our catalog of beautiful loose diamonds and diamond Jewelry can now be found on Pinterest, but something is a little different about our Pinterest page. Not only does it display our catalog of items, … Continued

Valentine’s Day 2023

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be Hard. Everyone has their own taste in they would like to receive. Our large collection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry allows you to have a great starting point to find the … Continued

Can I Get Engaged With A Non-Traditional Diamond Ring?

The classic round cut prong-set diamond ring is still the most requested diamond engagement ring style. Charles Lewis Tiffany, with the company’s jewelers, wanted to create a ring that showed off more of the diamond itself. They created the prong-setting … Continued