Top Color Treated Diamonds

As we move further into 2024, we have created a video presentation which introduces our color treated diamonds.

What are color treated diamonds? Color treated diamonds are natural mined diamonds that have undergone ether the HTHP (High Pressure High Temperature) in order to bring out and enhance the natural colors of the diamond to something brighter and stronger. The resulting diamonds boast strong and vibrant colors that won’t break the bank, as color treated diamonds cost the fraction of the price of their non-treated counterparts.

Marquise Cut Loose Diamond (0.55 Ct, Pink Color (HPHT & Irradiated), VS2 Clarity)

To learn more about ether the HTHP treatment or the radiation treatments please visit our diamond education page to see detailed articles explaining these and other treatment processes.

Princess Loose Diamond (1.09 Ct, Fancy Intense Blue Color (Irradiated), SI1 clarity (clarity Enhanced)

In our new video we show the top three selling colors over the last few years, and we show examples of each color from our new 2024 color treated diamond collection. Our video also explains how each color works with a different fashion choice.

To see more check out our video below.

Best Selling color enhanced Diamonds

If you are interested in color treated diamonds, please take a look at our collection at the following link. We offer color treated diamonds of many different shapes and colors.