Jan 222018

Baguette diamonds made their debut  in the 1920’s during the Art Deco era and are very popular in diamond jewelry to this very day. The baguette cut is a dazzling diamond cut that is unique in its beauty.


Baguette Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, Natural Fancy Yellow, VS1) GIA Certified

Here’s a picture of a Loose Baguette Diamond

Baguettes are [usually] rectangular, step-cut diamonds with straight or tapered edges. Baguette diamonds usually add dazzle and an extra spark to many kinds of jewelry pieces, and in this case, they’re the main stones of dazzling tennis bracelets.


Why should I buy a baguette diamond bracelet?

First of all, just having the delicious name of a baguette cut should be enough, a baguette diamond could be your spirit animal!

Second of all, they’re unique. Everyone is walking around with the classic round diamonds in their tennis bracelets…

You’re not like everyone else, you’re different and special (I’m sure your mom agrees with this) and you deserve something that’s unique.

Finally, just look at this beauty!

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet white gold GIA certified

        The Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet

She can be all yours.

Very cool. But what about baguette diamond colors? How should they match with the color of the bracelet band?

Here, let me explain: Let’s go back to the tennis bracelet shown above. It’s adorned with excellent quality baguette diamonds that are nearly colorless (in GIA’s G-H color range). Since the diamonds are nearly colorless, white gold (or platinum) bands are recommended to showcase the excellent colorless features of the diamonds. If the diamonds are fancy-yellow (image of a natural fancy-yellow diamond from our website) a yellow gold colored band would be preferred as it helps to enhance their natural fancy-yellow color.


What about clarity? Is there anything I should know regarding the clarity for my baguette diamonds?

That’s actually the million-dollar question!

Choosing the right clarity is very important for all diamonds but baguette diamonds have a special attribute that makes clarity oh-so-special!

You see, baguette-cut diamonds are usually made with 14 facets and come in smaller carat weights than other cuts. Like other step cuts, the baguette cuts lack the brilliance of round-cut diamonds which can conceal inclusions, therefore flaws in these diamonds are easier to be seen. We recommend that you choose baguette diamonds that have a high clarity grade.

You don’t need to go for the highest clarity, but you should at least ensure that the stones are eye clean, meaning, that it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible with the naked eye.


After all that’s said and done, baguette diamonds are awesome and so are you – so treat yo’self.


Here is a quote by Lauren Conrad that helps prove my point:

Diamond Baguette Best Friend

A baguette bracelet is a girl’s best friend… but I’m just paraphrasing!

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5 Tips on How to Buy a Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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Feb 072017

5 Tips on How to Buy a Diamond Bangle Bracelet

A diamond bangle bracelet with an 18 karat white gold setting

A diamond bangle bracelet is the keystone to completing any wardrobe.

A diamond bangle bracelet is an extraordinary piece of jewelry but as a piece of diamond jewelry with so many options it is important to keep 5 tips in mind when you decide to buy a diamond bangle bracelet. A bangle bracelet is a made of one solid material without a clasp, usually worn in clusters of a few bracelets. A diamond bangle bracelet can be worn singularly to show off a fancy taste in diamonds or with a grouping to produce sparking effects. Always remember these 5 tips when choosing to buy a diamond bangle bracelet.

Tip #1- The 4 Cs

Like any diamond purchase, the 4 Cs – color, cut, carat weight, and clarity – are of the utmost importance. You should always choose a diamond with a good color, cut, clarity, and a desirable weight, but since the diamonds are set in a bracelet you have some room to maneuver. Inside a metal bracelet setting some imperfections can be hidden so you can choose a diamond that is a bit lower on one of the 4 Cs because its imperfections are not as apparent. Bangles are made of a singular piece of fixed metal and don’t bend so the diamonds will always stand out and you need to make sure that the diamonds you choose are up to your standards. Don’t forget- always choose a diamond shape that’s best suited for you, a fact almost as important as any of the 4 Cs.

Tip #2- Band material

The bangle bracelet is as much an opportunity to show off the metal setting as it is the diamond, especially since bracelets are one if, if not the most, visible items you can wear. When buying a diamond bangle bracelet, the setting has to be durable, which means you need a balance between fashion and durability. Tin is a durable metal but does not make for a fashionable setting while pure 24-karat gold is highly fashionable but incredibly easy to scratch, scuff, or dent, as gold is a soft metal. The best compromise between the two is to choose a bracelet made of silver or gold between 10 and 14 karats, alloys of pure gold whose addition of an extra metal makes them more durable yet still highly fashionable. You’ll be able to find a wide range of choices on the CaratsDirect2U website.

An 18 karat white gold bangle bracelet set with Princess and Round cut diamonds

A diamond bangle bracelet like this one can be worn alone to show off a fancy style.

Tip #3- Band setting

Like the dual requirements of the band material, your bracelet’s setting also needs to be both fashionable and durable. A prong setting will allow the diamonds to reflect light in all directions but runs the risk of letting diamonds fall out after consistent wearing. A wraparound bezel setting is a good compromise between structure and fashion and is the best setting for a bangle bracelet. A half- or full-bezel setting, either partly or fully encompassing the diamond, will show less of the lower half of the diamond but will stand up to wear and tear that could come with wearing a bracelet. Choose a bezel setting for a bracelet you plan to wear with any frequency but don’t be afraid of a prong setting for a fancier bracelet worn only on special occasions.


Tip #4- Number of bangles

Bangle bracelets are a lovely piece of jewelry because of their versatility, with the ability to spice up every-day wear or serve as the final piece in a fancy wardrobe. Keep in mind, you don’t need to wear just one bangle bracelet; in fact, wearing a few bangle bracelets not only makes the wrist more fashionable but also lets you stand out as the bangles knock together and produce sound. Select your diamond bangle bracelet with considerations of whether it will be worn alone or in a group, as this changes the way the piece is worn, and don’t forget to always let each piece shine no matter if alone or worn in a group.

Yellow diamonds stand out on this 14 karat white gold diamond bangle bracelet

The interplay between the silver setting and the yellow diamonds make this diamond bangle bracelet stand out.

Tip #5- Fashion sense

With most of our link bracelets, you have the option to choose how close to the wrist you want to wear the piece. Unlike other types of bracelets, bangles always hang low on the wrist and are always noticeable. A narrow bangle bracelet will result in what looks like a ribbon of diamonds, while a wide bangle bracelet will envelop its diamonds, so choose a style of bangle bracelet that most compliments your sense of fashion. Likewise, you can select a bangle bracelet with the most show for your money by choosing one with more stones and less gold. The key is to match the bangle bracelet to your wardrobe and your sense of style, since there are so many options out there.

The diamond bangle bracelet is a durable, fancy way to improve any look. But with so many options, it is important to keep these 5 tips at hand when buying a bracelet so that you can select the piece best suited for your needs and desires. We are always happy to answer your questions about diamond bangle bracelets or other jewelry contacting sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.


The diamond bangle bracelet- the keystone of any wardrobe.

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The Scent of Diamond Flower Jewelry

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Dec 222016

The Scent of Diamond Flower Jewelry

Petal Floral Design diamond Stud Earrings

14k Two Tone Gold Round Cut Bezel Setting Flower Shaped Diamond Stud Earrings

Sweet Smelling Jewels   

Diamond Flower Jewelry is as versatile, sophisticated, expressive, colorful and as sweet smelling as the real blooms themselves. As much as each petal is important in a flower for it to be considered complete so too in an 18k gold diamond set jewelry every stone plays its own unique function. The meticulous diamond cutter together with the master jeweler create breathtaking dreamy and delightful 18kt yellow gold and 18kt white gold diamond rings, extravagant, exquisite invisible set tennis bracelets, gorgeous, graceful pendants and enchanting, exotic earrings.

Diamond Flower Jewelry puts the aroma back into the passion of your wardrobe and they express the same emotions, shape, color, how and when they are worn. The face needs elegance and sophistication, and earrings accentuate this in the very best way. Gold and diamond bracelets reveal confidence and authority in a delightful and pleasing manner. Every woman needs to show her determination and fortitude, and pendants set with single diamonds focusing on a particular point create this characteristic admirably. A round diamond or a princess in a plain four claw setting on a classic chain.  Let the fingers do the talking especially when it’s about romance and passion with elegant rings. All of these items allow the woman to show her empathy and generosity.

They say “minds are like flowers they only open when the time is right,” we say the same about jewelry with an important difference “every time is always right for the magic of jewels.”


Let your fingers come alive with flowers

 18k and 14k white, rose and yellow gold Diamond Flower Rings have a style that can say more about you than your dreams can ever imagine. They have always been a feature of CaratsDirect2U who constantly add to this collection.

We wrote in a previous blog …“A famous slogan once stated, “Let Your Fingers do the Walking” we say “Let Your Fingers do the Talking”. The first thing people notice and one of the most important elements in body language is the hands and fingers.” Flowers induce a feeling of freedom of expression, emotion and feelings.

This revealing finger deserves the very best expression and there is nothing better than a Diamond Flower Ring. This adds importance to the role of the finger and the ring placed on it accentuates this more than any other item of jewelry. Flowers bring smiles, make peace, say I love you, through the power of scents color aesthetics or maybe it’s just pure magic, the stuff that diamonds and jewelry is made from.

14kt white gold diamond bracelet part of a diamond flower jewelry collection

An exotic floral design gold and diamond bracelet

Spice up Your Life with Diamond Flower Jewelry




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Dec 152016

The Stars Are Ringing for You


18k White Gold Kite Cut Invisible Setting Double Diamond Star Ring (0.56 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

A Unique Double Diamond Star Ring

Add the magic of Diamond Star Rings to your fingers

Diamond Star Jewelry has a style that says more about you than your dreams can ever imagine. A major part of this style are Diamond Star Rings that have always been a feature of CaratsDirect2U who constantly add to this collection. Often Star Diamond Rings are created by setting several special shaped stones together and forming a five or six pointed star. This enchanting and unique shape is known as the kite shape diamond. The effect is amazing, the facets on each of the stones blend together as one individual star.

A famous slogan once stated, “Let Your Fingers do the Walking” we say “Let Your Fingers do the Talking”. The first thing people notice and one of the most important elements in body language is the hands and fingers. A woman adorned with long graceful fingers says as much about a person’s personality as a man’s solid indomitable fingers. They are the part of the body that people use to express their sign of trust and loyalty, love and friendship, commitment and betrothal. The universal hand shake that says welcome and yes I want to know you, and good-bye, yes I want to meet you again are those same hands that are used to close million dollar deals. The world of human expression and the medium for any art or craft is found in the hands and fingers.

This vital finger deserves the very best expression and there is nothing better than a Diamond Star Ring. This adds importance to the role of the finger and the ring placed on it accentuates this more than any other item of jewelry. Stars capture your imagination, maybe it’s the magic and mystery, maybe the rich, gorgeous and famous, but one thing is sure, they have the power of attraction and bring your personal desires and fantasies to reality.

Become a Star with Diamond Jewelry

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Star Diamond Jewelry – Dreams To Reality

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Dec 082016
18k White Gold Invisible Setting Kite Cut Diamond Star & Pave Pendant

A Stunning Star Swirl of a Pendant


Star Diamond Jewelry The Stuff of Dreams

Every woman wants her star, the one that knows all her secrets, all her aspirations, all her strengths and all her weaknesses. The diamond shows with all its facets the many sides of her inner self, its clarity says it’s real, its color reveals her depth and the cut displays her perfection. The strength and hardness of the gemstone tells her that her lover’s acceptance of what she really is and his “being there” is unconditional and forever. Star Diamond Jewelry says you can also wear these secrets with with happiness.

It’s All in The Stars 

Think of a star and either your favorite celebrity will come to mind, or you will dream about the twinkling one up in the sky or perhaps meditate upon the mystical five or six pointed versions. Whichever of them, they all have one thing in common, the aspiration, the inspiration and the satisfaction of your imagination and emotion. You can always count on a star to take you where you want to be or even become a real star yourself. It’s that easy with a stunning piece of star diamond jewelry or an exquisite star shaped diamond.

Remember when we used to sleep in a crib and sing, “Twinkle, twinkle little star … like a diamond in the sky”, then it was Dylan with “Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free” and after the Beatles with “Lucy in the sky with diamonds,” followed. Diamonds have always been in the sky and like the sky they have always given us hope and freedom.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showing your love and friendship can all be expressed with diamond jewelery and so much more so when combined with the sparkle of a star.

Star Diamonds 

Diamonds can be round or square, marquise or oval, pear or heart, cushion or briolette and even triangular or emerald, every shape for every emotion. Yet there is one shape that says it all because it takes your emotion to your imagination a star shaped diamond that has all the power of a diamond with all the magic of star. This can be created by kite shaped diamonds and by setting them together a perfect shaped five or six pointed star can be created. They say that pure positive emotions are harmonious and what can be more perfect that the geometry of a star, those angles and points all adding up to those mystical numbers and permutations.

18k White Gold Kite Cut Invisible Setting Double Star Diamond Ring (0.56 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

Kite Shaped Diamonds Make A Star

Star Diamond Jewelry

Let the jeweler create with his skill and imagination pieces in the shape of stars with endless possibilities and any number of points. No two diamonds, no two stars and no two people are alike, each is unique. Our jewelry offers you an expression of your uniqueness to take you to the sky of your dreams and imagination. If this were not enough just adding the protective powers of white gold or yellow gold, the jeweler’s medium, will turn you into a winner.

  • Star diamond rings: Gorgeous star rings with kite shaped diamonds accentuating an elegant finger.
  • Star diamond bracelets: A wrist encrusted with star diamonds will turn any head.
  • Star diamond pendants: Any neck will sparkle with this glamorous diamond pendant
  • Star diamond earrings: A flash and a flicker of these amazing earrings will give any face an added gleam and glitter.

Just wear this jewelry or these magical diamonds and be empowered with the harmony of numbers and build the symmetry and balance of love and affection into your lives

Be a Star with Diamond Jewelry





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Sep 122016

Diamond Flower Jewelry Says It All

14kt bracelet diamond flower jewelry collection

Look What Flowers Can Do

A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any happy occasion, the flower, nature’s gift to us, expresses your thoughts, your friendship, your appreciation or your love. Beyond that, you said the wrong thing, you forgot her birthday, you showed up late, you were dancing with her best friend, you are in a mess, what better way to express your apology with a flower? Ah yes, the world was created with a cure for everything. The perfect remedy for fixing love or finding love and all with that enigmatic bunch of flowers. Their brilliant colors, their perfume and fragrance, their delicacy, their beauty and aesthetics, these feminine attributes are nature’s love potion.

Flower Jewelry

Take this wonderful gift of nature, combine it with human skill and perseverance and a better more reliable alternative comes into play, either diamond flowers or diamond flower jewelry. They come in as many colors as the botanical flowers, they will not wilt and with their “forever aspect” she will remember you more and for longer. The goldsmith will give you as much tenderness as the gardener and as for the perfume, well a bottle of the stuff will do the same trick.

Diamonds as Flowers

The natural shape of cut diamonds spans from round to square, from marquise to oval, from pear to heart, from cushion to briolette and from triangular to emerald, in short a shape for every emotion and mood. By carefully setting diamonds in various combinations one can create any desired flower. A few pear shapes or marquise shapes will give you a tulip, that slender and stylish flower. Several triangular shapes will give you a rose, the flower known to be the ultimate elegant expression of love.

The Scope of Diamond Flower Jewelry

Not just the shape of diamonds can create the flower effect but also the jewelry itself can create and instill that emotion that makes Cupid draw back his bow and lets his arrow fly. 14 kt and 18 kt gold is available in a number of colors and it can be formed into almost any shape imaginable. The product can be worn as diamond set rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings or stunning diamond necklaces. The choice is as large as the 400,000 known varieties of flowers in the world.

So why not say it with Diamond Flower Jewelry

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