Oct 132016
Rare Just Got Real

Rare Just Got Real Diamonds Show Their Real Value The latest advertising campaign just launched by The Diamond Producers Association  has switched the diamond from being Forever to being Rare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_whjfNkvGw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55j3PtAR-3E It was always real, that is to say Read More

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Sep 292016
Five “Must Knows” About Treated Fancy Colored Diamonds

Get Enhanced with Fancy Colored Diamonds  Look What Color Can Do Remember the old days when there used to be black and white television? Then along came the world of color and nobody wanted to even think about black and Read More

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Sep 122016
Buying Diamond Flower Jewelry Online

Diamond Flower Jewelry Says It All Look What Flowers Can Do A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any happy occasion, the flower, nature’s gift to us, expresses your thoughts, your friendship, your appreciation or your love. Beyond that, you said Read More

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Sep 112016
The Plus of Buying Diamonds Online

Why Buy Online and Not from Your Friendly Jeweler Having popped the question recently to my beloved and she having said the anticipated “Yes” I was faced with the dilemma of where to get that stone that would last forever for Read More

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Sep 062016
5 Special and Unique Diamond Shapes

5 Unique Diamond Shapes Used for Diamond Jewelry Pieces Looking Beyond Round Cut Diamonds Round cut diamonds have been the most popular diamond shape for over a century. They are followed by other popular shapes such as Princess, Radiant and Read More

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Aug 312016
Five Fun Facts About Round Cut Diamonds

Five Facts about Round Cut Diamonds You Never Knew Round Cut Diamonds – A Brief History Despite being the most popular diamond cut today, the 58-facet brilliant round cut diamond as we know it today has only existed for the past Read More

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Aug 252016
Four Matched Diamond Jewelry Set Ideas

4 Elegant Diamond Earrings Matched to Multi Stone Diamond Pendants Matching Multi Stone Diamond Pendants with Elegant Diamond Earrings Multi stone diamond jewelry pieces are creative by nature and unique by reputation. This means that it is not always as Read More

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Aug 182016
New Article About Two Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

New Guide to Buying Two Stone Diamond Engagement Rings We have recently published a new article about two stone diamond engagement rings. The article gives helpful guidance on purchasing such jewelry pieces. It will also share insight on why they have Read More

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Aug 112016
5 Tips on Buying Invisible Setting Diamond Earrings with Round Diamonds

Five Tips on Buying Invisible Setting Earrings with Round Cut Diamonds Invisibly Set Round Cut Diamond Earrings Diamond jewelry pieces laced with several smaller diamonds in an invisible setting are popular for several reasons. One of the most notable selling points Read More

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Aug 032016
6 Tips on Purchasing Two Tone Diamond Jewelry

6 Tips on Buying Two Tone and Multi Tone Diamond Jewelry Pieces Two Tone Diamond Jewelry – Get the Best of Both Worlds When it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry pieces, the metal type you choose for the jewelry design Read More

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