White Gold Chandelier Shoulder ong dangle diamond earrings

How And When To Wear Diamond Dangle Earrings

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Diamond stud earrings have been an eons-long classic and have always been ‘de rigueur’ for an elegant appearance – and will probably will still stay for a long time.

Diamond dangle earrings however have been inching along our necklines to not only reach our shoulders but also to become a required staple in every fashionista’s over-sized jewelry box.

Nothing else sparkles like a diamond, and no other type of earrings have the same moves as dangle earrings. Put the two together and you have a pair of earrings that you can wear to any celebration of life.

White gold invisible set chandelier diamond dangle earrings
The smooth finish of these dangling diamond earrings will make sure that your loose hair will not get caught in them.

Dangle earrings are usually paired a formal pinned-up hairstyle or a messy bun for a more casual look. But is more than okay to wear your dangle diamond earrings with long loose hair – as long as the earrings have smooth edges that will caught up.

White gold vintage dangle diamond earrings
Vintage dangle diamond earrings to add a touch of whimsical elegance to your day.

So when and wear should you wear your sparkling dangling diamond earrings?

Wherever you want to SPARKLE!