Strong woman on a journey wearing a diamond journey pendant

What Is A Diamond Journey Pendant?

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A journey pendant is a diamond jewelry piece that symbolizes the twists and turns of a lived live. These contemporary pieces typically are typically made in some type of an “S” shape with diamonds of varying sizes. The smallest diamond is embedded at the top on the pendant and the largest one at the bottom.

It is possible to find journey jewelry arranged in a straight line or spiral shape but the S-shape is the most popular and symbolic shape.

A diamond journey pendant is an excellent gift for someone (including yourself!) setting out on a physical journey or starting a new chapter of their lives. For example, going of to college, starting a new job, becoming a mother or going through a divorce.

The S-shape is a reminder that most journeys are not straight. The increasing size of the diamonds indicates that the wearer will grow and gain insights into her live. And the hardness and durability of the diamonds symbolize the person that embarked on a journey and became strong and resilient.

Are YOU going on a life-changing adventure?

How about a diamond journey pendant to keep you company and to remind you that you are a STRONG person?

14k White Gold Seven Stone S-shape Journey Diamond Pendant
14k White Gold Seven Stone S-shape Journey Diamond Necklace            (1 Ct G VS2 Clarity)

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