How we are getting ready for a sparkling holiday season

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We are getting ready here at CaratsDirect2U for the 2019 holiday shopping season. One of the first steps is to photograph the diamond jewelry pieces that will eventually become part of our latest collection. As you can see in the video, we have some gorgeous new pieces.

The new kite cut diamond jewelry pieces will become part of our unique star diamond collection. These pieces are very special and are not found in ordinary jewelry shops. We also have new color irradiated blue and black diamond pieces. Who doesn’t like a piece of diamond jewelry that reflects the sky? Or the fact that black diamond jewelry makes every outfit looks uber-elegant?

And if you are buying a gift for someone, how about our classic designed diamond flower stud earrings? These flowers will last forever.

Here are the links to the categories of the diamond jewelry pieces highlighted in the video:

Flower diamond jewelry
Color diamond jewelry
Star shape diamond jewelry