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What Is Symmetry And How Does It Affect A Diamond?

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The symmetry of a diamond refers to how symmetrical the facets of a diamond are arranged by the diamond cutter.

Diamonds that do not have good symmetry may have extra or missing facets, off center culets (the bottom part of the diamond) and tables (the top part of the diamond) and wavy girdles. Sometimes, an extra facet or unaligned facet is used on purpose to remove an dark spot or to improve a diamond’s clarity grade.

The terms used to grade the symmetry are “Excellent”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Fair”, or “Poor”.

Keep in mind that the symmetry of a diamond is an assessment of its finish and does not refer to the quality of the diamond’s cut or how much it will sparkle. Diamond cutters’ main goal is to get the maximum value from a rough diamond and will often compromise the cut quality in order to keep the maximum carat weight.

The better the symmetry, the more expensive a diamond will be – even though only diamond experts can spot the difference. If you do not buy diamonds as an investment, rather pay more attention to the clarity, cut and shape because it will influence the way that the diamond catches and reflects the light.

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