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3 Reasons to Wear Screw Back Earrings

A pair of earrings can be the difference between a fancy outfit and being the talk of the town. Our collection of elegant earrings or supply of stupendous studs can be the final piece to put your fashion over the top. And when it comes to stud earrings there is no choice like a screw back earring, especially for these 3 reasons a screw back is a stellar choice for your earring setting.

Earring Security

A screw back earring is a stud earring with a threaded post behind the setting that is secured by rotating a nut along the length of the post until it sits flush against the earlobe from behind. The biggest difference between a screw back earring and a friction-based stud earring is the metal threading, which coils around the post and allows the nut to secure the stud in place. Although the process of screwing or unscrewing the nut can be time consuming at first, the benefit of the setting is it is securely fastened to the ear and there is a low chance of something happening to your earring. Screw back earrings are perfect for long periods of wear or highly active situations, like travel or fancy dinners, because of a lower chance of something occurring. Similarly, partial screw back settings, where half the post is coiled and the other is smooth, offer a good balance between the ease of wearing and the strength of the setting. In general, don’t forget about  how to care for diamonds and precious jewelry.

Strength in Diamonds

Another great aspect of the screw back setting is security for the diamond. Since they are harder to remove from the ear, threaded screw back earrings are usually set with larger diamonds than friction ones. The biggest beneficiary of this is the buyer, who gets a larger diamond with the same size stud out of the deal. The reason larger diamonds are put in screw back earrings is because the post is thicker than that of a friction stud and the extra material is enough for it to support the weight of a heavier diamond without worrying about it falling out of the earring. This is one area the screw back is the best among all different types of diamond earring back settings.


A partial-screw back setting on a stud earring
A beautiful silver threaded screw back earring

When it comes to durability, screw back is the crème de la crème of stud earrings. For long periods of time screw back earrings will not wear down in part due to the thicker metal of the post. When maintained properly screw backs can last for years on end; proper maintenance involves cleaning the posts and screwing the nut on in the proper fashion-lining up the grooves with the threading and not forcefully pushing the nut to the base of the earlobe, thus stripping the post of its threading. Over a long period, however, a screw back earring will need to be totally replaced but it is the best long-term investment because it can withstand wear and tear for years.

Earrings are the ultimate in choice; from dangles to hoops to studs they can match any style you want. But within the realm of studs there is no stronger choice than a threaded screw back earring, which provides the strength for fancy diamonds, the security of knowing nothing will happen, and the durability to last years on end.  We are always happy to answer your questions about screw back earrings or other jewelry by contacting us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of our professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.

Wear your earrings with confidence and strength with screw back earrings.