18k White Gold Marquise Cut Invisible Setting Diamond Flower Pendant (0.7 Ct, G Color, I1 Clarity)

Invisible Set Star Shaped Diamond Pendants


Buy The Right Star Shaped Invisibly Set Diamond Pendant

CaratsDirect2U has just added some beautiful and unique items to its collection, including high quality invisible setting star shaped diamond pendants. When purchasing such a unique piece, it is important to have some idea what you are looking for and to have a budget in mind.

We have published an insightful article that we give you useful information to bear in mind when you are looking to buy star shaped diamond pendants with either marquise or kite shaped invisibly set diamonds.

Here are just some of the points covered in the article:

  • Introduction to purchasing invisibly set diamond jewelry
  • Explanation of the difference between marquise and kite shaped diamonds
  • Choosing the right surrounding stones for you star shaped diamond pendant

We hope you enjoy this great guide to buying invisible setting star shaped diamond pendants.