Multi-Stone Diamond Ring with 5.71 Carats, G Color and VS1 Clarity

4 Benefits of Viewing 360 Degree Photos of Diamond Jewelry

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We recently introduced 360° photos for many of our new diamond jewelry pieces, allowing you to see the item in its entirety and from every angle. This means that when you purchase a diamond jewelry piece online, you will be able to make an informed decision on what to purchase based on the high quality 360 degree photos.

Here are 4 reasons why we believe 360 Degree photos of diamond jewelry will help you purchase the diamond jewelry piece that is just right for you. Further, the 360° are mobile friendly, meaning you can choose your next item of diamond jewelry on your smartphone or tablet.


See Everything

Viewing a 360 degree photo of an item of diamond jewelry enables you to view the item from the comfort of your own home, as if you are viewing it in a retail store. A 360 degree photo will enable you to actually see the sparkle of the diamonds, helping you to decide whether or not it has the characteristics you are looking for in a piece of diamond jewelry.


Understand The Diamond Jewelry Setting

18k Gold Round Diamond Multi-Stone Set Black Enhanced Halo Ring (Black(Irradiated) White Clarity)

Whereas a high quality still photo of an item of diamond jewelry will highlight the main stones in the jewelry, a 360° photo will help you see all the stones in the setting in all their beauty. The photo will help you examine any special designs in the metal, as well as how the diamonds are arranged in such unique designs such as multi-stone and invisible settings.

For example, this 18k white gold invisible setting marquise shaped round cut diamond engagement ring weighing a total of 1.75 Ct, with a G color and VS clarity grade contains multiple side stones. This well crafted ring is invisibly set at the highest of standards, with this 360 degree photo illustrating that. Pausing the rotation and zooming into the photo will allow you to see the setting and diamond ring design in all its beauty.


Seeing all the Diamonds at 360 Degrees

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Round Cut Diamond Flower Stud Earrings (1.02 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)


By looking at a 360 degree photo of an item of diamond jewelry, you’ll be able to see every single diamond easily. This is particularly useful when purchasing invisibly set diamond jewelry made up of several small diamonds.

For example, this pair of invisible setting round cut flower shaped diamond stud earrings contain 50 G color, VS clarity graded diamonds weighing a total of 1.02 Ct. From the 360 degree photo of the pair, you will be able to see the high quality of the diamonds, as well as examine the invisible setting of the earrings.

Zooming in and Pausing at 360 Degrees

If regular 360 degree photos of diamond jewelry does not help you decide what to buy, you can easily zoom in on the photo by either clicking on the plus and minus buttons or moving your mouse along the arrow. You can also pause the movement of the photo by clicking the play/ pause button, or by clicking on the screen. These two features allow you to examine the diamonds in your own time, while getting a better understanding of the imperfections in the stones.

If you have any questions about our new range of diamond jewelry, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at with any questions you may have.