Why Purchase Clarity Enhanced Diamond Stud Earrings?

 What is the Clarity Enhancement Process?

If you have ever looked at a diamond through a loupe, you may well have noticed small imperfections, called inclusions. These inclusions are often not visible to the naked eye and the diamond still receives a high clarity grade.

Other diamonds, such as those with an I1-I3 grading, contain imperfections that are easily noticeable even to an untrained eye. This makes them ideal candidates for the clarity enhancement process, a process involving heating the diamond to over 600 degrees, followed by the insertion of a silicone-like liquid.

The liquid immediately bonds with the miniscule internal crack, resulting in the light now passing through the crack, rather than reflecting off it. This process increases the beauty of the stone as well as the clarity grading of the diamond. Clarity enhanced diamonds continue to rise in popularity as diamond jewelry becomes more desirable while the consumers’ budgets are decreasing.

In order to educate our customers and to reassure them before purchasing clarity enhanced diamonds, we have listed five benefits of clarity enhanced diamond earring studs.

1. Bigger Stones for Your Budget

Many diamond purchasers are specifically looking to purchase diamonds with a large carat weight, typically between 1 Ct and 2 Ct. However, stones of this size are not always in the consumer’s budget and they will have to sacrifice diamond clarity or color grading in order to buy a diamond of this size. With the diamond enhancement process, this sacrifice does not need to be made.

A diamond that has undergone the clarity enhancement process will cost on average between 30% and 50% less than a similar color and clarity graded diamond with a similar carat weight that hasn’t undergone the treatment. For example, on our website a pair of oval diamond stud earrings in 14k white gold with 2.03 Ct diamonds, a color grading of J and clarity of I1 costs $3,723.00. At the same time, a pair of clarity enhanced round cut diamond stud earrings in a 14k yellow gold setting with 2.08 Ct stones with the color grading of K and clarity of SI3 costs $2,071.50.

Therefore, you save 44% by buying clarity enhanced diamond stud earrings that have a higher carat weight, a better clarity grading and a similar color rating. So when purchasing diamond stud earrings you may choose to look for clarity-enhanced diamond studs in order to maximize your budget to buy a more impressive-looking item of diamond jewelry.

2. No Indication of the Treatment

To the naked eye, a clarity enhanced diamond looks just like any other diamond. This means that the fact that you own an enhanced diamond can remain a secret kept between you and your jeweler. Furthermore, because you now have a larger budget per carat, that beautiful-looking stone will be larger and more noticeable than if you spent the same budget on a pair of diamond studs containing non-enhanced stones.

3. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Retain Their Genuine and Natural State

Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural diamonds due to the fact that the filling used in the clarity enhancement process is of such a minuscule amount that it does not affect their clarification as natural diamonds.

4. High Quality, Enduring Enhancement

Another misconception about the enhancement process is that over time the treatment disappears. In fact, the filling can only be affected if exposed to extreme heat by a jeweler’s torch or to acid used in re-cutting diamonds. To ensure that clarity enhanced diamonds retain their treatment we advise our customers to inform their jeweler whenever the diamond is sent out for resetting or cleaning.

The studs can easily be home cleaned by placing the earrings in warm water containing a small amount of dish soap for about 15 minutes. You should then scrub away any dirt using a soft toothbrush. The setting of the stud is actually more delicate than the diamond so be careful not to use any rough cleaning items that could damage the metal.

5. Sparkle

Having larger stones in your diamond stud earrings may be a particularly attractive prospect as they will be more easily noticed from further away. The diamonds on your new beautiful earrings will produce more sparkle if they contain larger stones. The clarity enhancement process will ensure that no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye.

Additional Treatments14Kt Canary Yellow Stud Diamond Statement Earrings set in White Gold, 1.43 Ct, SI1 Clarity

If you are looking to purchase fancy color diamond stud earrings you may consider diamonds that have been either irradiated or HPHT color treated. Choosing these options will drive further savings your way. On our website a pair of canary yellow fancy color round diamond stud earrings with 1.43 Ct stones and a clarity grading of SI1 that have undergone both the irradiated and clarity enhancement treatment sell for $1,747.20. In contrast, a pair of 1.08Ct natural fancy yellow color diamond stud earrings, mounted in 18K yellow gold with a clarity rating of SI1 are should cost $4,350.

You can therefore make a saving of 60% by purchasing a diamond that has a superior carat weight and has undergone both the irradiated and clarity enhancement treatments. Yellow fancy color diamond stud earrings are also ideal if you are looking for statement earrings.

If you have any further questions regarding clarity enhanced stud earrings or any other diamond jewelry matters, we can be reached by either emailing sales@caratsdirect2u.com or by calling 1-800-557-7095.

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