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Necklace Buying Guide

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Jun 102014

Today we posted a new article in our Diamond Education section.

This article discusses:

  • Four Points To Consider Before Choosing Your Pendant, Especially If It’s A Gift.
  • Types Of Clasps Used By CaratsDirect2U
  • Types Of Chains Used By CaratsDirect2U
  • Chain Lengths, Who They Are Meant For And When To Wear Them

After carefully reading this article, you will be able to make a more qualified decision before buying any diamond pendants or necklaces.

You can read the article at the following link:

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What is the SI3 diamond clarity and what does it mean to you?

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Jun 032014

SI3 clarity is a description of diamond clarity which grades the diamond according to the imperfections that cannot easily be seen by the naked eye. The SI3 grade lies between the SI2 which indicates that the diamond has imperfections which are not visible to the naked eye to I1 which are imperfections you can see with the naked eye.

Many of our customers in the US are in doubt as to whether or not they should purchase a diamond graded SI3 graded diamond. This article was written in order to make the decision easier for customers to make the right decision when purchasing a diamond.

Who Established The SI3 Diamond Clarity?

The idea of SI3 clarity first appeared in an article written by David Atlas in 1991 for the Accredited Gemologists Association. The SI3 diamond clarity grading was first used by the LA branch of the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) their diamond grading reports. EGL-LA’s President, Tom Tashey, says that his lab has been issuing the SI3 clarity grade since April 1, 1992.

In May 1993, the Rapaport Diamond Report started including the SI3 grade. Originally, the price list added the grade and simply described it as a split between the SI2 clarity grade and the I1 clarity grade. It priced the new category midway between the SI2 and I1 grades. Now, the grade is still included in the list, but the price listed for it isn’t always halfway between the prices for SI2 and I1.

Is There A Need For The SI3 Diamond Clarity?

Tom Tahsey (EGL-LA’s President) explained that he started using the grade to keep the boundaries of SI2 and of I1. “The recent influx of highly included diamonds into the marketplace seems to have caused graders to keep stretching the limits of the low SI2 and of the high I1 grades. Many members of the trade have been using SI3 for years as a more descriptive method of categorizing diamonds in between SI2 and I1. This grade encompasses the `moderately included’ diamonds that don’t quite fit into the traditional, manageable, SI2 and I1 grades.”

On the other side of the argument Peter Yantzer, Director of the American Gem Society Laboratory in Las Vegas, doesn’t think a change is necessary. Tom Yonelunas, CEO of the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory in New York, also doesn’t see a need for SI3. “Most customers don’t even ask for it,” he says. Yonelunas also feels that the introduction of any new grade would create two difficult new boundaries to deal with, not one: that between SI2 and SI3 but also the borderline of SI3 and I1.

SI3 clarity exists, and if you are looking at a grading report issued by the E.G.L., it may be there. However, although the very existence of the official SI3 grade is open to debate it can be used by less than scrupulous sellers to mislead the consumer into thinking that a diamond that they refer to as SI3 is definitely an SI diamond on the G.I.A. scale.

Implications Of The SI3 Grading Mean To Dealers

Dealers wouldn’t be likely to submit a diamond to a lab that might grade it as SI3 if it would receive a grade of SI2 from GIA. Eventually, SI3 was redefined. The trade and the laboratories that use SI3 are mostly in agreement that a grade of SI3 fits a diamond that might get an I1 grade from the GIA laboratory but is not as included as other I1 diamonds.

While the experienced grader or appraiser should account for the range when buying, selling, or appraising, many do not. The I1 is enough to lower the price and jeopardize the sale. The solution for many became SI3. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to recognition of the new grade has been the interpretation. The concept may work in theory, but a set of well-defined, accepted guidelines for the grade has yet to surface. Labs, dealers, and individuals may use the grade to mean different things.

Do We Need A New Clarity Grading System?

The current diamond-grading system was developed back in the 1950s, and therefore some people argue that it’s time for a change. When the clarity grading system was introduced, jewelers rarely sold an SI2 or I1 diamond. Prices were much lower, and people bought smaller diamonds. Now, nearly everyone wants large diamonds, but the prices make them unattainable for many, so consumers are more willing to accept lower grades and still purchase a larger diamond.

Another change regarding diamond grading certificates, is the volume. Few diamonds used to be sold with reports. Dealers didn’t want to spend the money to obtain a lab report for a lower-grade diamond. Today, so many people want certs, even for lower-grade diamonds, that the labs have trouble keeping up with demand. With so many diamonds in the lower grades being sold and with the increased demand for reports, many dealers and jewelers argue that it’s time for the system to be changed.

One Last Point To Consider
Most dealers, jewelers, and appraisers state that they adhere to GIA diamond-grading standards. If they use SI3, they can’t make that claim. That’s something for consumers to consider.

Important Note
One needs to remember that when buying a noncertified diamond is that when selling a diamond that would be graded SI2 by the G.I.A., the seller has no reason to tell you that the stone is SI3. On the other hand, there are sellers who carry diamonds that would be considered I1 on the G.I.A. scale, and they could advertise them as SI3 to make the offer more appealing.. Often, these diamonds don’t have an official grading report issued by a reputable laboratory, and you shouldn’t pay for them as much as you would for an SI diamond certified by the G.I.A.

CaratsDirect2U has a large collection of Loose SI3 diamonds , SI3 Diamond Pendants , SI3 Diamond Rings, and SI3 Diamond Earrings and Studs Be sure to have a look.

We hope that we have answered some of your concerns. If you have any questions with regards to SI3 diamond clarity or any of our SI3 diamonds please call one of our professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095, and we would be happy to assist you.

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Article Discussing Diamond Fluorescence Education.

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May 282014

Today we posted a new article in our Diamond Education section.

Title: FAQs About Diamond Fluorescence.

This article discusses:

  • What is diamond fluorescence?
  • Is diamond fluorescence common?
  • Does diamond fluorescence affect the strength of the diamond?
  • What impact does diamond fluorescence have on the appearance of a diamond?

After carefully reading this article, you will be able to make a more qualified decision before purchasing a diamond with fluorescence.


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3 Facts About Love Knot Diamond Jewellery

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May 202014


The Love Knot is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry. Love Knots date back hundreds of years and are steeped in history and mythology. Whether you are attracted to the look, the mysterious history, the symbolism, or you just need something to complete the perfect outfit, the Love Knot is a must-have in any wardrobe.

1. What Does The Love Knot Symbolize?

Bright-eyed romantics tend to view the Love Knot as the entwined hearts of lovers. The more intricate the knot, the more connected the lovers. Hopeless romantics are drawn to the stories of the fisherman alone at sea while their betrothed anxiously paced on widow’s walks waiting for their true love’s safe return.

Some jewelry lovers don’t care at all about the many meanings assigned to the knots. Instead, they admire the necklaces or ring for their versatility and beautiful design. Love knots are like charm bracelets, they are loaded with character and never go out of style. They offer the wearer a classic yet stylish accessory. Because theses necklaces and rings come in so many different sizes and styles, they work with almost any outfit. Pair a stylish double knot in white gold with a cocktail dress for evening. Try a simple single knot with jeans and a tee, Love Knot jewelry is as versatile as you are.

2. Who Invented The Love Knot?

Even though there is very little historic data about the Love Knot, there is an abundance of mythology surrounding it. This is part of what makes the Love Knot necklace so popular. The most widely believed information is that during the 18th century, fishermen tied these knots as a reminder of the loved ones they had left behind. Many people assign their own meaning or personal philosophies to the jewelry.

3. Famous Love Knots

1) Hollywood recognized the appeal of the Love Knot jewelry, too. In the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd, played by actress Eva Green, wore an Algerian Love Knot around her neck.

2) When Jackie Kennedy visited the King and Queen of Greece in 1961 as First Lady, she was photographed wearing a Love Knot Bangle Bracelet

In short, Love Knot jewelry is great to show your never-ending love for someone. The Love Knot is representation of a love that doesn’t end and doesn’t have a defined start. It’s a pretty simple concept, but you’ll be amazed as to how that simple piece of jewelry will be cherished and loved. offers a large range of Love Knot necklaces, which will bring a sparkle to every girl’s eye, they are beautiful pieces of jewelry that are very unique and sometimes one of a kind. There are many styles and varieties that one can choose from. Love Knot necklaces are a simple but great way to show someone you love them for any occasion or holiday.

Double Knot Love knot Diamond Pendant 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond Single Knot Love knot Diamond Pendant 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond also carries a large selection of Love Knot rings available classic 14k white gold with round cut diamonds, each one unique in its own way.

Slip Knot Love Knot Diamond Ring 14k white gold diamond ring Single Knot Love knot Diamond ring 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond

Our Love Knot jewelry is set with diamonds that are available in the various clarities ranging from eye imperfect I1 to the popular SI, as well as the high clarities of IF and VVS.They are also available using a large selection of white colored diamonds, near colorless  diamonds as well as colored diamonds.

All the diamonds we use in our Love Knot collection as well as all the rest of our jewelry are 100% natural, guaranteed conflict free and earth mined diamonds.

If you have any questions about Love Knot Jewelry please call us at 1-800-557-7095

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Article Discussing Diamond Certificate Education

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May 142014

Today we posted a new article in our Diamond Education section.

Titled: Diamond Certification Education.

This article discusses:

  • What is a diamond certificate?
  • The top 8 diamond labs in the word
  • How can you be sure that the certificate belongs to the diamond?
  • Reccomendations from CaratsDirect2U

After carefully reading this article, you will be able to make a more qualified decision about what diamond certification you want, if any.

You can read the article at the following link: Diamond Certificate Education


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Five Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2014

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May 072014

At CaratsDirect2U we understand that life is filled with happy moments, particularly when celebrating special occasions. Bring together love and life with a special gift from CaratsDirect2U this Mother’s Day.

Show your mother how much you care with a gift from CaratsDirect2U. Our Mother’s Day

Gift Guide has a wide selection of beautiful gifts for your beautiful mother. From Diamond Pendants to Diamond Tennis Bracelets, you’re sure to find just the right gift.

Spoil your mother on Mother’s day with one our top recommendations for 2014, handpicked from our collection and sure to please your mother on this special day.

1) This 18k white gold  Pendant  0.52 Ct., G Color, VVS1 Clarity  with Baguette, Round and Triangle Cut Diamonds is shaped as a  daughter, and comes with chain included.  It is the ideal gift from a daughter to her mother. So, what is the meaning behind a Diamond Pendant? A Pendant tells her that you want to be close to her heart all day.

18k White Gold Baguette Round and Triangle Cut Diamonds Daughter Pendant with chain (0.52 Ct., G Color, VVS1 Clarity)

2) This 18k Yellow Gold, Fashion Love Bracelet With Round Cut Diamonds 0.56 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity  tells it is all.  A diamond charm bracelet tells her that you want to always be on her mind.

18k Yellow Gold Fashion Love Bracelet With Round Cut Diamonds (0.56 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)

3) These fancy diamond earrings go great with any attire. 18K White Gold Dangle Earrings with Invisible Set Princess & Round Cut Diamonds,1.81 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity The interlocking loops of these fancy earrings can symbolize the never ending bond between a mother and her children.

18K White Gold Dangle Earrings With Invisible Set Princess & Round Cut Diamonds (1.81 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)

4) You cannot go wrong with a pair of classic round diamond studs. These Round Diamond Stud Earrings 14k, 0.92 Ct, I Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity are the perfect choice that will tell her that you care about her looking elegant each and every day.

Round Diamond Stud Earrings 14k ( 0.92 Ct, I Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity)

5) Nothing says I Love You more than a heart shaped loose diamond. For example, this Heart Cut Loose Diamond 3.01 Ct, D color, VS1 clarity, Clarity Enhanced, Laser Drilled, and EGL Certified. Buying your mother a loose heart shaped diamond says you love her and want her to be able to choose the setting that suits her best.

Heart Cut Loose Diamond (3.01 Ct, D ,VS1(Clarity Enhanced,Laser Drilled)) EGL Certified


When purchasing a Mother’s Day gift from CaratsDirect2U you are sure to receive:

1) Prices at least 30% below retail prices

2) Our no questions asked 30 day return policy

3) A gift box with each purchase

Feel free to visit our site at or call one of our professional jewelers toll free 1-800-557-7095.

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New Additions to Our Stock: High-End and Elegant Jewelry

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Apr 292014

We have just added a large selection of exciting new and elegant jewelry. You can view this selection on our main page under the headings of Elegant Diamond Earrings, Invisible and Cocktail setting diamond Engagement Rings, Unique Diamond Pendants and Diamond Specialty Items.

Some of the highlights of this new collection are:

  • High standard diamonds in the VVS1-VS1 clarity range.  If there any inclusions, they are not visible to the naked eye.  However, any inclusions that exist can be seen using a 10x loupe.
  • Near colorless diamonds.
  • High standard 18K gold.
  • Many of the items are set in invisible, channel or pave settings.

We have posted actual photos of this collection. And, all of these items come with our 30 day return policy.

Check out our collection and start saving.

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What Are Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds?

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Apr 162014

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds are the only 100% natural color diamonds that are able to temporarily change color. They are not actually a color of their own, but are considered a class of their own, as a result of their color changing ability. They are found in only a few color combinations such as Grey Yellowish, Greyish Yellowish, Grey, Greyish, Grey Greenish, Brownish Greenish, and Green Yellow. Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds are only found with Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Deep and Fancy Dark color intensities depending on the color combination of the stone.

Unique Color-Changing Characteristics

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds react to their surrounding environment when they are exposed to varying lighting such as halogen, incandescent and daylight or heating conditions such as fire places or even the heat from the human body.  When these types of diamonds are exposed to more extreme situations they are able to change to a greenish-yellow color rather quickly. When the Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds cool down, they will resume their standard color – this occurs as a result of a process called thermochromism. Although it still remains a mystery as to why these diamonds change color, it may come down to the abundance of hydrogen, boron and minimal amount of nitrogen they possess.

Famous Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds

The largest Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds ever discovered weighs over 31 carats – and in 2007 it was purchased by the Swiss jewelry company Chopard. The beauty of this olive-green diamond – set within yellow gold with a pave set of diamonds in a ring can only be imagined. The stone turns to a rich bronze color when exposed to the appropriate conditions.

Another exquisite Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds (8.04 carat radiant cut) officially dubbed a ‘Fancy Dark Grey Green Chameleon’. This exceptional diamond is worth well over $2 million.

The last Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds worth mentioning, weighing over 4 carats was sold in Hong Kong for a quarter of a million dollars.

Cuts of Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds can be found mainly in the following cuts which highlight their unique color and attributes: Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Pear and Round Brilliant.Due to the rarity of the Fancy Color Chameleon Diamond they are hard to come by in the market, originally these diamonds we categorized within the green or grey color category however with growing knowledge of Fancy Color Chameleon Diamond they have really became a class of their own and the price reflects on it.

What Makes Chameleon Diamonds So Fashionable?

World famous actors and actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor as well as jewellers and collectors alike are fascinated about the mysterious effect of the diamond. It seems almost like the diamond has a mind of its own different every day and very unpredictable.

If you have any questions regarding Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds our experts will help you find the chameleon diamonds of your dream and variety of colors such as yellow, green, gray, brown  and the following clarities IF,VVS,VS,SI,I. Please feel free to contact one of our professional jewelers at: 1-800-557-7095

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Article Discussing Rough Diamonds

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Apr 082014

Today we posted a new article in our Diamond Education section.


Learn more about Rough Diamonds  in CaratsDirect2U’s latest article. The topics covered in this article are:

  • What Is A Rough Diamond?
  • The Four Different Phases In Cutting Rough Diamonds

After reading this article, you will be better informed as to how polished diamonds are made.

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Article Discussing Hearts & Arrows Round Diamonds

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Apr 012014

Today we posted a new article in our Diamond Education section.

Check out CaratsDirect2Us’ Guide to buying Hearts & Arrows Diamonds online, there you will also find out:

  • What Are Hearts & Arrows Diamonds?

  • How Can You Actually See The Hearts & Arrows Inside The Diamond?

  • What Makes The Hearts & Arrows Cut So Beautiful And Special?

  • Who Invented The Hearts & Arrows Cut?

  • How To Purchase A Hearts & Arrows Round Diamond Online.

After carefully reading this article, you will be able to make a more qualified decision before purchasing a Hearts & Arrows Cut Diamond.


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