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What Are Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds?

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Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds are the only 100% natural color diamonds that are able to temporarily change color. They are not actually a color of their own, but are considered a class of their own, as a result of their color changing ability. They are found in only a few color combinations such as Grey Yellowish, Greyish Yellowish, Grey, Greyish, Grey Greenish, Brownish Greenish, and Green Yellow. Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds are only found with Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Deep and Fancy Dark color intensities depending on the color combination of the stone.

Unique Color-Changing Characteristics

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds react to their surrounding environment when they are exposed to varying lighting such as halogen, incandescent and daylight or heating conditions such as fire places or even the heat from the human body.  When these types of diamonds are exposed to more extreme situations they are able to change to a greenish-yellow color rather quickly. When the Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds cool down, they will resume their standard color – this occurs as a result of a process called thermochromism. Although it still remains a mystery as to why these diamonds change color, it may come down to the abundance of hydrogen, boron and minimal amount of nitrogen they possess.

Famous Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds

The largest Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds ever discovered weighs over 31 carats – and in 2007 it was purchased by the Swiss jewelry company Chopard. The beauty of this olive-green diamond – set within yellow gold with a pave set of diamonds in a ring can only be imagined. The stone turns to a rich bronze color when exposed to the appropriate conditions.

Another exquisite Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds (8.04 carat radiant cut) officially dubbed a ‘Fancy Dark Grey Green Chameleon’. This exceptional diamond is worth well over $2 million.

The last Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds worth mentioning, weighing over 4 carats was sold in Hong Kong for a quarter of a million dollars.

Cuts of Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds can be found mainly in the following cuts which highlight their unique color and attributes: Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Pear and Round Brilliant.Due to the rarity of the Fancy Color Chameleon Diamond they are hard to come by in the market, originally these diamonds we categorized within the green or grey color category however with growing knowledge of Fancy Color Chameleon Diamond they have really became a class of their own and the price reflects on it.

What Makes Chameleon Diamonds So Fashionable?

World famous actors and actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor as well as jewellers and collectors alike are fascinated about the mysterious effect of the diamond. It seems almost like the diamond has a mind of its own different every day and very unpredictable.

If you have any questions regarding Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds our experts will help you find the chameleon diamonds of your dream and variety of colors such as yellow, green, gray, brown  and the following clarities IF,VVS,VS,SI,I. Please feel free to contact one of our professional jewelers at: 1-800-557-7095