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3 Facts About Love Knot Diamond Jewellery

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The Love Knot is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry. Love Knots date back hundreds of years and are steeped in history and mythology. Whether you are attracted to the look, the mysterious history, the symbolism, or you just need something to complete the perfect outfit, the Love Knot is a must-have in any wardrobe.

1. What Does The Love Knot Symbolize?

Bright-eyed romantics tend to view the Love Knot as the entwined hearts of lovers. The more intricate the knot, the more connected the lovers. Hopeless romantics are drawn to the stories of the fisherman alone at sea while their betrothed anxiously paced on widow’s walks waiting for their true love’s safe return.

Some jewelry lovers don’t care at all about the many meanings assigned to the knots. Instead, they admire the necklaces or ring for their versatility and beautiful design. Love knots are like charm bracelets, they are loaded with character and never go out of style. They offer the wearer a classic yet stylish accessory. Because theses necklaces and rings come in so many different sizes and styles, they work with almost any outfit. Pair a stylish double knot in white gold with a cocktail dress for evening. Try a simple single knot with jeans and a tee, Love Knot jewelry is as versatile as you are.

2. Who Invented The Love Knot?

Even though there is very little historic data about the Love Knot, there is an abundance of mythology surrounding it. This is part of what makes the Love Knot necklace so popular. The most widely believed information is that during the 18th century, fishermen tied these knots as a reminder of the loved ones they had left behind. Many people assign their own meaning or personal philosophies to the jewelry.

3. Famous Love Knots

1) Hollywood recognized the appeal of the Love Knot jewelry, too. In the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd, played by actress Eva Green, wore an Algerian Love Knot around her neck.

2) When Jackie Kennedy visited the King and Queen of Greece in 1961 as First Lady, she was photographed wearing a Love Knot Bangle Bracelet

In short, Love Knot jewelry is great to show your never-ending love for someone. The Love Knot is representation of a love that doesn’t end and doesn’t have a defined start. It’s a pretty simple concept, but you’ll be amazed as to how that simple piece of jewelry will be cherished and loved. offers a large range of Love Knot necklaces, which will bring a sparkle to every girl’s eye, they are beautiful pieces of jewelry that are very unique and sometimes one of a kind. There are many styles and varieties that one can choose from. Love Knot necklaces are a simple but great way to show someone you love them for any occasion or holiday.

Double Knot Love knot Diamond Pendant 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond Single Knot Love knot Diamond Pendant 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond also carries a large selection of Love Knot rings available classic 14k white gold with round cut diamonds, each one unique in its own way.

Slip Knot Love Knot Diamond Ring 14k white gold diamond ring Single Knot Love knot Diamond ring 14k White Gold Round cut Diamond

Our Love Knot jewelry is set with diamonds that are available in the various clarities ranging from eye imperfect I1 to the popular SI, as well as the high clarities of IF and VVS.They are also available using a large selection of white colored diamonds, near colorless  diamonds as well as colored diamonds.

All the diamonds we use in our Love Knot collection as well as all the rest of our jewelry are 100% natural, guaranteed conflict free and earth mined diamonds.

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