Buy Your Own Diamond For An Engagement Ring And Save Money

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In our wonderful era of connectivity and e-commerce it is very easy to source your own diamonds online.  You can save quite a lot of money but do your research and be aware of scams.

Here are a few buying tips:

  1. Natural colored diamonds are rare and can be very expensive. If you love color, you can always buy a color enhanced diamond. Note however that these types of stones must be disclosed as color enhanced. If you are offered a “natural” color diamond for a reasonable price, start asking questions.
  2. Diamonds with a carat weight of just below a full number will be cheaper but will not look much smaller. For example, a loose diamond with a carat weight of 0.8 or a bit less does not look much smaller than a diamond of a carat weight of 1 but the price difference is quite large.
  3. Diamonds are small and expensive. If you do decide to buy a loose diamond online, make sure that you not only buy from a trustworthy company but that they also use a reputable delivery company.

Now it is time to look for jeweler to turn your loose diamond into an engagement ring!

Please contact us at 1-800-557-7095 or if you have any questions about buying loose diamonds or creating your own engagement rings.