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Does Your Diamond Ring’s Setting Suit Your Lifestyle?

The setting is the part that attaches the diamond or diamonds to your ring. Even though the sparkling diamonds get all of the attention, it is the ring’s setting that forms the base of the entire ring’s design.

Throughout the years, diamond jewelers have designed numerous styles of ring settings. Usually they play with only very two important variables:

  1. Exposing the diamonds to as much light as possible.Exposing the diamond not only allows us to admire the entire diamond in all its beauty but it also the diamond to receive and reflect the light. As we all know, nothing sparkles like a diamond!
  2. Securing the diamond as much as possible.Natural earth-mined diamonds are previous and expensive. The diamond jeweler has to make sure that the settings will not loosen over time and that the diamond ring can withstand the bumps and hits of a regular busy lifespan.

Solitaire diamond ring with bezel setting

18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring With Bezel Setting

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Does Your Diamond Ring’s Setting Suit Your Lifestyle?