Shop at CaratsDirect2U Amazon in German

How Do You Say Caratsdirect2U In German?

After 60 years in the diamond selling business, we know where and how to sell to our customers. If today’s customers buy online, then that is where you will find us.

We sell loose diamonds and diamond jewelry online to the corners of the world.  You can browse through our sparkling collection directly at

We believe however that customers should be able to shop where they feel comfortable. So why not also sell on other online platforms? You will find us on some of the largest online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, ebay, Newegg, OpenSky and Pricefalls.

Diamonds sparkle the same for everyone, it does not matter where you are in the world. But it makes life a little bit easier if you can shop in your own language, no?

We want our customers to shop with confidence and ease of mind, so our  Amazon storefront has recently been translated into German. Now our German-speaking customers can shop for diamond jewelry from the comfort of their homes AND in their own language!

Come and have a look – Wir sprechen Deutsch!