A 14 karat white gold round diamond wire bracelet

3 Tips for Buying Diamond Wire Bracelets

An elegant cross between a bangle and chain bracelet, the diamond wire bracelet holds a unique spot in anyone’s wardrobe. The wire bracelet has a singular metal band connected by a chain in the back and can show off diamond inserts along the front. Purchasing a diamond wire bracelet proves easier using the following three tips.

Tip 1: Ease of Wearing

A diamond wire bracelet, by nature, can come in several different styles, like the 14 karat rose gold wavy wire bracelet below or the 14 karat white gold round wire bracelet above. Each bracelet will sit differently on the wrist from its neighbor, so it is paramount to choose one with a style that matches your comfort. Take in to account things like: how active you will be while wearing the diamond wire bracelet, your comfort in wearing an irregularly shaped piece, and the strength of the metal, when deciding what type of style is best suited for you.

A 14 karat rose gold wave diamond wire bracelet
The 14 karat rose gold wavy diamond wire bracelet combines fashion and style

Tip 2: Bracelet size

A wire bracelet is made much in the same way a bangle bracelet, mostly of one solid band of metal. Wire (and bangle) bracelets are worn loose on the wrist, with plenty of room to maneuver the wrist while wearing the piece. In comparison, both link bracelets and tennis bracelets can be worn either tight against the wrist or looser off the wrist, depending on what you want. Even though wire bracelets are worn off the wrist, you still want to choose one that offers enough structural support that it does not slide down the wrist while being worn.

Tip 3: More than Meets the Eye

A diamond wire bracelet packs more punch than you might expect. The diamond wire bracelet uniquely gives the visual benefits of both a beautiful bangle and tennis bracelets. So, you want to make sure that you are selecting a bracelet that is best set to show off the sparkle of the diamonds by choosing one that brings the diamonds up off the wrist, which sets this type of bracelet apart from all its other counterparts.

An online purchase of a diamond wire bracelet is a great way to buy a fancy new gift for yourself or for another. Using these three tips, you’ll be able to buy a diamond wire bracelet that best suits you. We are always happy to answer your questions about diamond wire bracelets or other jewelry by contacting us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.