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3 Tips- Invisible Set Diamond Bracelets

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For all those first-timers a quick word about “invisible-set” generally. A diamond with all its inner beauty and charm still needs something to hold it either by itself or together with another stone. As it is the king of the gemstones so usually for this purpose we use the king of the metals, meaning gold. However, this metal however slight is visible unless we can use an “invisible setting” as it is known in the trade, sounds intriguing so far? Well there’s more to come. One of the many diamond cuts is known as the “Princess Cut” which is a square or rectangular shaped diamond and being so they can be placed side by side with a relatively larger common edge than would be with round stones. Diamond technology developed a method whereby with the help of a very fine groove, two diamonds can be locked together without any gold between them. This is how the “invisible setting” was born.

Let’s stretch our imagination and instead of two diamonds getting married invisibly, we have a whole family of them, stretched out over a length long enough to encompass the wrist. The eye will see a row of diamonds and when these are set in a bracelet or in a necklace, the effect is totally amazing.

Tip 1- Invisible does not mean unseen

If this be the case “the bigger the better” should be the policy when buying such an item. Thankfully the truth is far from this because unlike rings, bracelets, be it the beautiful bangle bracelet or the timely tennis bracelet– should be worn with consideration to the clothes one is wearing.

Sometimes a bold statement must be made to accentuate height and presence, sometimes the bracelet is needed to create a contrast to emphasize color and sometimes a bracelet is needed just to complement a style and make a bridge between emotion and appearance.

An 18 karat white gold invisible set diamond bracelet
A square link invisible set diamond bracelet

Tip 2- Wear the invisible set bracelet with confidence

Whichever of these is appropriate and needed, it is easy to choose the appropriate invisible bracelet. A bracelet worn low down on the wrist touching the hand in the same way as a bangle does will add length to any arm and automatically increase the overall height and glamour of a woman. In this case the prudent buyer will look for the maximum width that her budget can afford and it will probably be better to choose two or three rows of smaller stones than a single row bracelet with larger stones for the same value.

Tip 3- Invisible set to draw contrast

Contrast is one of nature’s blessings. So, the person that wants to make a statement about that delightful new dress needs a bracelet with a strong color. Here yellow or rose gold comes into action and it goes without saying that fancy colored diamonds will make sure that those heads will turn.

There are those occasions when you want just an accent, a simple accessory to shift attention for a moment that allows the beholder to refocus with more attention. Minimal and chic are the two keys in this instance to choosing just the right bracelet.

Whichever the choice the bracelet is always multi-functional, can be worn on almost any occasion and always generates an appeal that defines the woman who wants to make a statement.

Our collection of invisible set diamond bracelets is available on our website, or you can build your own by contacting one of our jewelers at 1-800-557-7095 or sales@caratsdirect2u.com

Make the Invisible Seen with an Invisible Set Diamond Bracelet.