Rare Just Got Real

Diamonds Expose Their Real Value

It was always real, that is to say relationships, but the reality of relationships has changed. A relationship used to mean an eventual marriage that was intended as a lifelong commitment, it meant functioning together, giving and building a relationship that was based on finding love through working together with a common goal and it was never expressed better than a real natural diamond.

Today relationships are still real, perhaps frighteningly more so but they mean a common empathy, the touching of souls, feeling emotion and experiencing the beauty of the world. But rather than spend a lifetime building a common goal and love with someone who perhaps is your opposite, we spend a lifetime looking for the ideal partner, someone who is going to understand the inside of my head and be part of the real me.

This process takes much trial and error and searching again and again but then that is what our virtual society is all about.

The diamond was and is always there, always telling us about strength, purity, honesty, value, individuality and rarity. So when we said “Diamonds are Forever” we looked for all these virtues in the Forever, now the latest campaign tells us “Real is Rare” and we look for all these magic properties in a diamond, in the reality which is rare and worthwhile searching and striving for.

The King of the Gemstones does not change his qualities, it is only in the perception of his subjects that he plays a different role.

The new campaign has indeed brought the diamond back to reality of the society we live in and makes the diamond again a must with the same endurance and perseverance that it used to be, albeit for different reasons.