Fancy Blue Millennial Sunrise Diamond, VS1 Clarity, 0.43 Carats

Five “Must Knows” About Treated Fancy Colored Diamonds

Get Enhanced with Fancy Colored Diamonds

Look What Color Can Do

Remember the old days when there used to be black and white television? Then along came the world of color and nobody wanted to even think about black and white again. Try and imagine what it was like when there was only black and white film to put in your camera or what parties would be like with balloons only available in grey, black or white, everything’s great but with no emotion.

Diamonds are beautiful and there is no dispute that they really are a girl’s best friend and show that he truly does love her. Just mix a little color and you have the instant recipe for love with emotion, the perfect formula for burning passion.  Remember every color is available for every emotion.

Everyone Can Afford This

Say fancy colored yellow diamonds and you think of tens of thousand dollars, say fancy colored pink diamonds and you think of celebrities, red carpets and six figures. Say fancy colored blue diamonds and you think of museums.

Say fancy colored red diamonds and you think that some people get to the moon. What would you say if I waved you a wand and gave you all of this for a price you can afford? (sung to the tune of “With A Little Help From My Friends”). Treated fancy colored diamonds allows you just that.

The Physics and Chemistry of Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds exist because at some stage of the birth of a diamond a trace of a chemical found its home within the stone. Or there was a slight change in the lattice and crystal structure of the diamond, creating a unique color each with a different intensity, hue and shade.

Blue diamonds have the chemical boron, green diamonds were irradiated during their formation, but so long ago that they are completely harmless. In some stones, the atomic structure was changed to produce red diamonds and yellow diamonds are yellow because they contain a trace of nitrogen.

A Lesson in Magic

Take a completely pure natural diamond, and through various processes, one can create a Treated Fancy Color Diamond and without a laboratory and microscope the wearer or admirer will never know the difference.

One of these processes is known as HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) with this process a slight or faint color can be enhanced to produce an intense or vivid color in the same diamond. Irradiated or color enhanced diamonds today are completely safe, the diamond has been bombard with high-energy particles altering the crystal lattice which in turn allows different colors to take effect.

This method is especially appropriate for enhancing brown, orange, yellow and pink diamonds and creating stunning shades and hues that are irreversible.

Enhance Your Love with a Jewel

Jewelry is fashion whether in 18kt or 14kt, whether in white, yellow or rose gold and whether styled as a ringpendant, pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace. Sensuous shapes, modern trends, your personal chic and different blends of gold combined with the amazing array of fancy colored diamonds available will make any woman feel like a film star.

Colored diamonds say as much about you as the clothes you wear.