The Advantages of Buying Diamonds Online

Why Buy Online and Not from Your Local Jeweler?

Having popped the question recently to my beloved and she having said the anticipated “Yes” I was faced with the dilemma of where to get that stone that would last forever for her diamond engagement ring. The choice was between the local jewelry store that could be trusted, after all he had even known my grandfather, or a friend who was purportedly “in the know” or from the perilous world of online diamonds.

Obviously when faced with such a dilemma one had to seek advice, and who else but my future’s best friend who had incidentally introduced us in the first place.

She ran a fashion website, had the looks and taste that matched the needs of my betrothed and I could trust her when buying diamonds online that she would not want me to get swindled.

My first question was that surely my local jeweler would be able to find and procure for me any stone that I so desired or to fit my pocket. It didn’t take her long to convince me of the fallacy of this myth.

My local jeweler has his purchased stock that quite legitimately he wants to sell rather than find for me a new stone. With online diamonds the advantage is that I can have access to almost any diamond that is out there or at the worst identical stones to fit any requirement I might want or expect.

“Where are all these online diamonds that I am looking at?”, was the next question and her smile at my innocence convinced me that she was right when she told me that my search is with the very diamond manufacturers themselves, no store or retailer, no middle man, no agent or wholesaler but the very source itself. Most definitely a heavy load removed from my mind.

“Er what happens if I don’t like the stone when I receive it? In other words, it looks different in real life than on a computer screen?” This time her answer was together with a reassuring hand on my shoulder, “Any reputable site offers a 30-day money back return policy.

In any case this will probably be unnecessary, ever heard about the latest technology that allows you to view the stone with a 360-degree swivel and of course with a larger magnification that you will have in real life even with a loupe?” I was almost convinced but there was still a doubt left that was serious enough to prevent me taking the plunge into the world of web-diamonds.

This time it was me with a smile on my face. “I can look all day at enormous stocks of stones of every variety imaginable and with a depth and clarity that goes beyond what I could ever require. All in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace. And as you say at better prices that even 40 years of loyalty with the local jeweler could not produce.

If I don’t like what I receive, no problem, money back and re-order. I took a deep breath, “but my dear I am no expert, I don’t know what I am looking at, if it was a horse then I know to look at his teeth, what do I look for in a diamond?”

Her hands moved to her hips and she looked straight at me in the eyes, “Do you think I would let you propose to my best friend, if I didn’t trust your judgement and intelligence?” I was wooed. “Any good online diamond site comes with a tutorial that explains what you should look for depending on your needs, perhaps size is important or budget or any other combination of color, clarity carat or cut.” She didn’t rest up. “These sites have built themselves on reputation, they want you to come back to them, you will have to make more purchases, not just diamonds but jewelry that requires more aesthetic judgement and understanding a woman’s needs.” Her look had changed from being complimentary to empowering.

This time it was my turn, I walked over to her, planted the appropriate kiss on her and told her that she had made this match in more ways than one. “Thanks for being the one that my friend deserves and all because of an online diamond,” came her reply.