Five Tips on Buying Diamond Stud Earrings for Father’s Day


Diamonds are most typically associated with women, highlighted by the line “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, made famous by Marilyn Monroe in 1953. However, diamond stud earrings are becoming increasingly popular for men, with celebrities such as male icon David Beckham, actor Will Smith and singer Usher just some of the big names who wear stud diamond earrings.

Arguably, purchasing diamond jewelry for men is quite challenging, partly because many categories of diamonds would not suit the average man as they would a woman. We have therefore compiled a five-step guide to help you buy your Dad a Father’s Day gift he can enjoy for years to come.

1. Choose the Style of Earrings

It is rare to see a man wearing large dangling earrings and stud earrings are far more common and acceptable. Further, while woman will most likely wear a matching pair of earrings, men will usually only wear one solitary diamond on their left ear. Wearing a diamond stud on each ear is not so common and wearing a single diamond just on the right ear is also unusual.

However, each person has different tastes and former England and Real Madrid footballer David Beckham has shown that wearing studs on both ears can look good.


2. Get the Right Diamond Shape

Whereas the most common shape for diamond stud earrings for woman is round cut diamonds, square shapes such as princess, radiant and cushion cut diamonds tend to suit men better. Some men do, however, still choose the traditional round cut diamond for their stud.


3. Colored or White Diamonds?

As with many types of diamond jewelry, white diamonds are the most purchased diamonds for stud earrings. Men with darker skin tones often like yellow diamonds as it compliments their skin color, while black diamonds may be a good choice if the studs will be kept for special occasions.

To save money, many customers purchase color enhanced diamonds, stones that have undergone either the HPHT or irradiated color treatment process. By purchasing color treated diamonds, you can get a much larger diamond for your budget.


4. Choose the right Color Grade

If you are looking to purchase a large diamond, you may consider balancing your budget by buying a diamond with a lower color grade. A G color graded white diamond will still look white while many men, particularly those with darker skin color, prefer lower color grades such as K-M color diamonds. For example, this 2.73 carat L color, SI2 clarity princess cut diamond costs only $8,766. A similar diamond with an E color grade will cost far more. However, if your dad would prefer a high quality diamond, even if it means getting a smaller diamond, you’re better off buying a D-F graded diamond.

5. Choosing the Diamond Size

As men typically have a larger build than women, larger diamonds, starting at 1 carat, tend to suit them better. However, if your father would prefer that his stud doesn’t draw attention to him, we advise against purchasing a diamond over 1.5 carats. Further, men with a very slim build would also typically prefer a smaller diamond.

If you have any other questions regarding diamond jewelry or would like to customize a diamond stud earring, please feel free to contact our professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095 or email

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