Pink Fancy Color Radiant Diamond, VS1 Clarity, 1.02 Carat

Five Facts About Natural Pink And Purple Fancy Colored Diamonds


Fancy color diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, which each color having the ability to enhance any piece of diamond jewelry. Due to their rarity and brightness, natural purple fancy color diamonds are particularly sought after, the second most popular fancy color after canary yellow. While the demand, coupled with the rarity of purple diamonds, has led to customers purchasing HPHT and irradiated fancy color diamonds, others will see the benefit of buying a natural purple or pink fancy color diamond. Here are five interesting facts about purple fancy color diamonds:

1. The Color of Honor

Purple is considered the color of honor, courage and royalty. Hence, there was a time where typically only kings would own purple colored diamonds. This was to reflect the expensive purple cloth used in clothing that only those belonging to royalty could afford.

2. Purple is One of the Rarest Natural Fancy Colors

Natural purple fancy color diamonds with no secondary hues, meaning that there is no other color present in the stone, are extremely rare. Most natural purple fancy colored diamonds are less than 1 carat, meaning the price per carat of larger purple diamonds will be considerably higher than smaller stones.

3. Great Investment

Here are just a few reasons why purple and pink diamonds are seen as a good investment opportunity:

• Over the past 30 years, the price of natural fancy colored diamonds have consistently risen. This means you would have a high chance of seeing a large return on your investment if you decide to sell in the future.

• The price of purple and blue diamonds double every five years, meaning that once again, this is a sure way to make a profit should you wish to sell.

• Diamonds are extremely durable and are commonly passed through generations. Because they are small, you won’t need to rent out storage facilities to keep it safe. They can be worn on a jewelry piece regularly until the time comes to sell.

We have many more reasons why customers choose to invest in natural fancy color diamonds on the Diamond Education section of our website.

4. Popular with Celebrities

Don’t be surprised to see purple diamonds on the red carpet. Kobe Bryant purchased his wife a $4Million 8 carat purple diamond. Apart from the cost, natural purple diamonds, mainly mined in Siberia, Northern Asia, of any weight is difficult to find. Purple fancy colored diamonds weighing over 1 carat will be extremely difficult to find.

5. Only in Australia

The Argyle Diamond Mine in Northwest Austalia supplies 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. Due to the mine scheduled to close in 2018, the value of natural pink colored diamonds is forecast to yet again rise, having consistently broken records for the price of pink diamonds in years gone by.

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