Heart Cut Loose Diamond (0.44 Ct, F Color,VVS2 Clarity )IGL Certified

What Is Eye Clean And Face-up Eye Clean Diamonds Learn About Eye Clean Diamonds


Round Cut Canary Yellow 1.03 Carat Diamond, VS1 Clarity, Eye Clean
Canary Yellow Round Cut VS1 Clarity Eye Clean 1.03 Carat Loose Diamond

When purchasing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, many customers may ask whether a diamond is eye clean. However, it may not always be clear exactly what the term “eye clean” means. Therefore, this week we have published a new article to help you understand what an eye clean diamond is. The article will focus on the following:

• A brief education on the clarity grading of diamonds

• A definition of the term “eye clean”

• How to test whether a particular stone is eye clean

• The difference between eye clean and face up eye clean

We hope you enjoy this insightful article about choosing face up eye clean diamonds and non face up eye clean diamonds interesting.