5 Ways To Save Money On A Large Diamond

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For some customers, the size of the diamond is the most important factor when choosing a stone, with many customers looking for a particularly large diamond. The price will always be influenced by the Four C’s: carat weight, cut, color and clarity grading. When keeping to a certain budget, it is still possible to get a large, sparkly diamond. We have provided five ways you can save money when seeking a larger diamond:

1. Choose SI1 – SI3 Clarity Graded Diamonds

Firstly, consider which clarity you would be satisfied with. The clarity of a diamond refers to one’s ability to see inclusions, otherwise known as imperfections, in a diamond. An SI1 – SI3 clarity graded diamond contains inclusions that can only be seen with difficulty with a naked eye, while the price will be considerably lower than a VS1 – VS2 graded stone.

2. L – M White Color Diamonds

With white diamonds you can also save by choosing a stone with a slightly lower color rating. In an L – M color graded stone you will probably notice a little bit of color. While this is a big factor in calculating the price of a diamond, many customers will not mind having a diamond with a lower color grade. Further, people with dark skin often prefer diamonds with a lower color grading as lower color grades suit darker skin tones better.

3. Color Treated Diamonds

Purchasing diamonds that have undergone the HPHT or Irradiated color treatment process is another great way to maximize your budget and get a larger stone. To learn more about the color treatment processes, read our color treatment buyers guide. You can also get help deciding whether to buy a color treated diamond or a natural fancy color diamond by reading about the advantages of purchasing both natural fancy color diamonds and fancy color treated diamonds. This will help you decide whether you would rather buy a natural fancy color diamond or a fancy color treated diamond.

4. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds have become increasingly popular over the past ten years, as customers continually look to maximize their budget. There are two main clarity enhancement processes used:

Clarity Enhancement (Fracture Filled)

This process is most suitable for a diamond with a crack that can be seen when looking at the stone from the top. The process involves heating the diamond to over 600 degrees, followed by the insertion of a silicone-like liquid. Rays of light will now be able to pass through the crack, instead of reflecting off of it, making the diamond more aesthetically appealing.

Laser Drilled

The laser drilled process involves using a laser to drill deep into the diamond. The imperfections are either removed via vacuum or with the injection of acid. In some cases, black imperfections can be bleached to white through this process.

5. Consider the Shape

Some customers are looking for only one diamond shape, either due to personal preference or due to the setting of the ring or pendant they are matching the diamond to. Traditionally, the round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, resulting in it being a far more expensive shape to purchase. The princess cut is the second most popular shape and is more affordable than the round cut diamond. Fancy shapes such as the pear cut, heart cut and emerald cut diamonds are considerably less expensive than the round brilliant cut diamond.


Lower Color and Clarity Graded Diamonds

2.73 Carat L Color, SI2 Clarity Loose Diamond








A 2.03 carat J Color and VVS2 clarity round cut diamond costs $13,212.90. A 2.73 carat L color, SI2 clarity princess cut diamond costs far less, at $8,766.70. Therefore, you can save over $4,000 by purchasing a larger diamond with a lower clarity and very slightly lower color grading. The fact that the diamond is princess cut rather than round cut also lowers the price.

Working with a Budget of Under $5,000

A non-treated round white diamond with a carat weight of 1.07 carats, a K color grade and SI1 clarity costs $4,352.80. For around the same price, at $4,344.60, we sell a round 1.95 carat, I color, SI3 clarity diamond that is clarity enhanced. By purchasing the clarity enhanced round diamond you therefore stand to get a diamond that is 82% larger.

Saving Money with Fancy Color Treated Diamonds

A fancy intense yellow cushion cut 1.14 carat VS2 clarity HPHT color treated diamond would cost $4, 794. A 1.12 carat fancy intense yellow cushion cut diamond with the same clarity grading would cost $10, 175. That means that by purchasing the fancy color treated diamond you stand to save 50%. With larger stones of 3 – 4 carats plus, you can continue to make such savings.

To find other examples of well-priced large diamonds, take a look at our extensive collection on our website. If you have any questions about diamond jewelry, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.