High Quality Videos of HPHT and Irradiated Fancy Color Treated Diamonds


About the Videos

At CaratsDirect2U we have a large collection of HPHT and Irradiated fancy color treated diamonds online. Following the successful launch of our company in 2007, we realized that customers should be able to have as much information as possible regarding the stones they are viewing prior to making a purchase.

We therefore came to the natural conclusion that if our customers could see videos of the diamonds we sell then they would purchase color treated diamonds with increased confidence. We therefore now offer high quality 360° videos for a large selection of our online HPHT and Irradiated Fancy Color Treated Diamonds.

We have videos for the most popular cuts, such as the Round Cut, the Oval Cut and the Princess Cut, as well as many others. These videos can be viewed either on our website or via our YouTube channel, CaratsDirect2U.com. The videos are no longer than 45 seconds and will help you make the right decision when purchasing fancy color treated diamonds online. We will now outline the key advantages of the YouTube videos we provide.

360° High Quality View

Color treated diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Like all our diamonds, the HPHT and Irradiated color treated diamonds have been expertly cut and handpicked. In addition, the color treated diamonds have all undergone irreversible color treatments. It’s not always possible to see all of a diamond’s imperfections from a photograph. However, the imperfections, if any, that are visible from the naked eye are far easier to detect when viewing a 360° video.

Furthermore, from the video you will be able to see how light reflects off the stone, giving you a good idea of how the fancy color diamond would look on a wedding ring, engagement ring or pendant. The video will also give you a sense of the sparkle produced by the diamond’s many facets. As an example, take a look at this beautiful 0.96 Carat, VS1 Clarity Pink HPHT and Irradiated Color Treated Diamond, GIA Certified. In this video the high clarity grade is easily visible including any imperfections that one would see with the naked eye.


This video shows a VS clarity 0.63Ct Pear Cut pink Fancy Color Irradiated treated Loose Diamond. If you compare the two videos, you will be able to see the difference in clarity between the two stones, as well as the difference in how each stone reflects light. This should help you make your decision when purchasing a color treated fancy color diamond.


No Rush

CaratsDirect2U understands that purchasing a diamond is a big commitment. It is always an exciting and enjoyable experience and our videos allow you to view several color treated diamonds as many times as you wish without feeling any pressure to make a purchase. In fact, you are free to spend ample amount of time viewing diamonds on YouTube or on our website even if you decide that you are not ready to make a purchase. Furthermore, all our diamond jewelry comes with a 30 day return policy.

Save Money

The high quality videos of fancy color treated diamonds we provide means that you can now easily view the diamond in its fullest glory. As an online store and as a manufacturer of diamonds we are able to pass on the savings we make onto the customer. Whilst the experience of purchasing a diamond online has now been improved by the introduction of these high quality videos, the fantastic savings still remain. We offer a large collection of Irradiated and HPHT fancy color treated diamonds:

As well as being able to view a vast array of fancy color treated diamonds on our website and YouTube channel, you can always be in touch with us if you have any further questions. We can be reached by either emailing sales@caratsdirect2u.com or by calling 1-800-557-7095.