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10 Facts About HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process

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The HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process allows consumers to purchase the desirable D, E, F, G Color and with high clarity grading of IF, VVS1 & VVS2 at a large discount. To many, the HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process is a mystery; this list should help clear up some of the mystery regarding this process.

1. The process of HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) is a process that is used to improve (or change) the color of a 100% natural diamond.

2. The process was invented and introduced by General Electric in 1999.

3. The HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process is irreversible.

4. The HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process uses temperatures up to 2,000 °C (3,632°F) and pressures of 70,000 atmospheres to put the diamond back into a state just like when it was in the earth’s crust to continue “developing”.

5. It was accidentally discovered that the HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process can also change the color of colored diamonds. (Such as: turning brown Type I diamonds into light yellow, greenish yellow, or yellowish green colors. This process can also improve yellowish Type IIa diamonds by several color grades and can even change yellow diamonds into white ones. This process can intensify the color of yellow in Type I diamonds, and make some bluish gray Type I and Type IIb colorless (although in some cases natural bluish gray diamonds are more valuable left alone, as blue is a highly desired hue).

6. Only less than 1% of all diamonds, the very rare diamonds type IIa, are suitable for the HPHT Diamond color treatment process.

7. Stones that go through the HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process are almost always loupe clean, VVS2 Clarity or better, otherwise the diamond can explode during the treatment.

8. HPHT processed diamonds cost less. That gives the buyer the possibility to buy a D color diamond for the price of an F color.

9. There is not a single visible difference between diamonds that are type IIa, that were “processed” by mother nature 3.3 billion years ago, and diamonds that are processed by HPHT now.

10. The HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process is undetectable to the naked eye, to a loupe and even to the most experienced diamond dealer. Only the most advanced gemological labs have the equipment to detect the HPHT diamond color process.

It is important to remember when shopping for diamonds, that diamonds that have been treated by the HPHT Diamond Color Treatment Process and sold by CaratsDirect2U, are 100% natural diamonds that have been beautified by a process that Mother Nature has perfected. Be sure to check out our HPHT diamond color treated collection.

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