Diamond Jewelry gifts for this holiday season

Top 5 Gift categories for the Holiday Season

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Here is our list of the most popular diamond gifts to give this holiday season, be sure to click on each link as it will take you to our entire collection. Enjoy and Happy holidays.

1) Solitaire Diamond Pendants

Surprise your loved one this holiday season with one of our solitaire diamond pendants mounted in 14 and 18k white or yellow gold.  They are available in a wide range of settings from 4 or 6 prong to bezel as well as other high fashion settings.

2) Diamond Tennis Bracelets

In addition to all our other holiday specials we have lowered the prices of all of our tennis bracelets by 10%. We carry a large array of tennis bracelets including many that are mounted with black or irradiated yellow diamonds. They are all available mounted in white, yellow or rose gold.

3) Diamond Stud Earrings

CaratsDirect2U.com has in stock 100’s of pairs of diamond studs earrings.  We have all cuts of diamond studs including standard round, princess, emerald, half-moon and trapezoid cuts.  All our diamond studs are available mounted in either 14 or 18k white or yellow gold. Our diamond stud earrings are available in many weights from less than half a carat to over 5 carats.

4) Solitaire Diamond Rings

CaratsDirect2U.com offers a HUGE selection of Solitaire Diamond Rings, in all shapes, sizes and colors. We carry many natural fancy colored diamonds, as well as many treated diamonds. Our treated diamonds include clarity enhanced, laser drilled, irradiated, HPHT, and more. Our entire collection of Solitaire Diamond Rings are available in white or yellow gold as well as stunning two tone gold rings.

5) Mullti-Stone Rings

We are continually adding to our collection of multi-stone rings which are set in 14 or 18k white or yellow gold. We carry a variety of shapes and sizes. If you don’t see something you like or would like to find something to fit your taste and budget, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.