Fancy HPHT Pink pear shaped loose Diamond

Most expensive pink diamond ever sold

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One of the world’s rarest diamonds is the “Pink Star” diamond, an oval shaped diamond weighing 59.60 carats. It is a naturally pink diamond knows for its rarity and beauty. This diamond graded as Type IIa made headlines worldwide when it was recently sold at Sotheby’s Geneva for $83,000,000, thus becoming the most expensive diamond ever sold. At CaratsDirect2U we are proud to offer our own collection of color treated loose Pink Diamonds.  Our high quality color treated diamonds are 100% natural diamonds, they have merely undergone a HPHT color treated process which will permanently change their colors.  We can only treat high quality diamonds which already have a tint to them and we enhance the tint to produce colors that even a professional jeweler will have trouble identifying

.By purchasing one of our colored pink diamonds you too can join the exclusive club of colored gem owners, at a fraction of the price