A guide for Illusion Set Diamond Jewelry

What is an Illusion Setting?

Illusion settings are jewelry settings which are designed to make a small diamond look bigger than it actually is. This is typically accomplished by placing a ring of brightly polished and patterned metal around the girdle (the narrow rim around the diamond) as it is set into a prong setting. This allows the light to pass through the diamond and reflect off the metal creating an Illusion of a much bigger diamond.

Are Illusion and Invisible settings the same?

Many people and shops use term Illusion and Invisible settings interchangeably but in reality, they are really two different techniques which are used to make small stones seem larger than they are when set into jewelry. Invisible settings are made in such a way that the clasps and prongs remain hidden. For more information on invisible settings read the following article: https://www.caratsdirect2u.com/Articles.asp?ID=254.

Illusion (white diamonds) and invisible (blue diamonds) set diamond earrings

Why choose an Illusion Setting?

Illusion set jewelry is often less expensive than other types of jewelry due to the fact that they can be set with smaller less expensive diamonds. Since diamonds are priced according to carat weight as well as overall quality, a smaller diamond of high quality will be less expensive than a larger diamond with the same quality. The illusion setting enables the diamonds in the jewelry piece to appear to be larger than they are. Illusion set jewelry is also a very easy to clean and maintain, since the diamonds are protected by the surrounding metal plate.

In conclusion:

Illusion settings have been gaining in popularity and are a great way to purchase an affordable and unique piece of jewelry. If you have and questions, please get in contact with us.

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