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Rose Gold Jewelry – Diamond Bracelets That Suit Every Skin Type

Rose gold is everywhere, from Apple’s famous rose gold iPhone cover, to rose gold colored clothes, shoes and handbags. This gorgeous warm color however really glows the brightest when used in jewelry.

Rose Gold Jewelry’s History

The exciting and fresh designs in rose gold diamond bracelets would make you think that this is a brand-new metal-type. Rose gold has however been on the scene for quite a long time.

It was first used by the Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé, also known for his Imperial Eggs, in the 19th century. The use of this new “Russian gold” spread westwards and eventually just became known as rose gold. It was very popular during the Victorian era but slowly disappeared as platinum and white gold became fashionable during the Art Deco period.

Rose Gold Is A Copper Alloy

Pure gold (or 24 karat gold) is a soft metal and not strong enough for making intricate jewelry or jewelry that will be worn daily. Mixing it with other metals such as zinc, copper or silver, not only makes pure gold stronger but it can also change the color of the gold.

Red gold for example, is a mixture of gold and copper. People will often use the terms red gold and pink gold for describing jewelry made from rose gold, but these three alloys differ slightly from each other.

Table to show the different types of copper gold alloys

The higher the percentage of copper in the gold alloy, the stronger the red color will be.

Note also that jewelry made from rose gold is stronger that jewelry made from yellow gold because of the added copper.

Rose Gold In Diamond Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry does not have the shiny ‘bling-ness’ that one sometimes sees with jewelry made from white or yellow gold. It is more sophisticated than yellow gold and yet have more character that white gold.

This is also one of the reasons why diamonds showcase so lovely with rose gold jewelry. The metal and the gemstones enhance each other’s beauty and together create an elegant piece of jewelry such as this rose gold diamond bracelet.

Rose gold spiral bracelet with diamonds
Rose Gold spiral bracelet with diamonds

Rose Gold Jewelry Suit Every Skin Type

Another reason for buying jewelry made from rose gold is that it complements all skin types. Yellow and silver gold jewelry contrasts stronger against the skin but rose gold is softer and brings out the warm hues of every skin type.

rose gold hammered finish bracelet with diamonds

This rose gold hammered finish bracelet with inserted diamonds shows how beautiful diamonds and rose gold look together.

Rose gold flexible wire diamond bracelet

A rose gold flexible wire diamond bracelet that is for sale now at

Rose Gold Fashion Love Bracelet With Round Cut Diamonds

Don’t you just LOVE this rose gold love bracelet with round cut diamonds!? It is shines brightly but is still elegant and will look great with any day and night outfit.

Rose gold jewelry have had a long and interesting history but have kept evolving and repackaged itself as a beautiful gold alloy used in gorgeous jewelry designs. We predict that its future will shine just as lovely as its past!

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