Wedding ring made with Princess & Baguette Cut Diamonds and 18k white gold

Baguette Diamond Jewelry – Buying Tips

The geometric shape of baguette-cut diamonds used to be very popular during the Art Deco period and have now made an elegant comeback with today’s modern designs.

This elongated cut originated from the hogback-cut that dates from the Middle Ages. Hogback-cuts were often used to create jewelry in the shape of letters or figures.

The word baguette for these diamonds only came in use in the early 20th century. Sharing a name with the well-known French bread, baguette means “long rod,” which is quite a suitable description for this long rectangular diamond shape. Baguettes are sometimes tapered at one end in a trapezoid shape and are known as tapered baguettes.

Baguette diamonds, together with Emerald and Asscher cuts, are often referred to as step-cut diamonds. Their facets are step-shaped and run parallel to the girdle.

Today’s baguette diamonds are usually found as side stones in engagement rings or fine jewelry. These elegant gemstones have inspired modern-day jewelers to create a wide range of designs such as baguette bracelets and rings with channel or ballerina settings.

Five Tips For Buying Baguette Diamond Jewelry

Step-cut, or baguette diamonds, just like every other type of diamond, has its own list of aesthetic buying guidelines. These 5 buying tips will guide you and highlight the characteristics of baguette-cut diamonds that you should take in consideration.

Choose a High Clarity Rate

Baguette diamonds do not have many facets and may not seem as dazzling as the multi-faceted emerald or princess-cut diamonds. They are however known for their luster and crystal-clear clarity. This and the fact that they have a large open table facet can make flaws or inclusions easy to spot.

Keep in mind that that these flaws are a sign that your diamond is 100% natural and have earned these characteristics through millions of years under intense pressure deep inside the earth. 

Gemstones in the VVS1 up to the VS2 clarity range have however minor inclusions that are difficult to somewhat easy for a trained grader to see under 10x magnification. These imperfections are referred to as eye-clean (not visible to the unaided eye).

Your Baguette Diamonds Should Be Symmetrical

Baguette-cut diamonds have rectangular step-shaped facets which means that any non-symmetrical lines will be easy to spot. Make sure that your diamonds do not have the following flaws:

  • The table of the baguette is off-center.
  • The width and length of the facets are not symmetrical to each other.
  • The girdle is not straight.

If you plan to buy a piece of jewelry with two or more baguette stones, make sure that they are set flush right next to other with no gaps between the stones.

Shallower Gemstones Will Look Larger

If you have a strict budget but still would like to buy a large diamond, consider buying a shallower cut stone. The total depth of these stones does not influence the brilliance as it does for example with a round-cut diamond.

Baguette diamonds can appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight due to their large table size.

Check That Your Baguettes Stones Look the Same

It is possible to find engagement rings with a solitary baguette diamond but these stones are generally used in a cluster setting, a pave setting or as accent stones. Diamonds can be very similar to each other but remember that natural stones are all unique.

It is therefore important that you check that the baguette diamonds in your piece of jewelry are carefully matched and have the same color and clarity.

18k white gold heart pendant with baguette-cut diamonds
A heart pendant made with 18k white gold and baguette-cut diamonds

Consider Who You Are Buying the Jewelry For

Whether you are spoiling yourself or buying a piece of baguette jewelry as a gift, keep in mind that these pieces are not small and make a definite statement.

Baguette diamond jewelry are usually made with several gemstones. It is no argument that baguettes add a sophisticated elegance to any piece of jewelry but not everyone cares to wear such a strong piece. Make sure that the wearer will enjoy the attention that these statements pieces will draw.

Are you fascinated by these unique and elegant cuts as much as we are? Have a look at these beautiful baguette diamond jewelry pieces that we in stock right now.