Stylish 18K White Gold Invisible Setting With 0.92 Ct, G Color, VS1 Clarity Diamonds

What Does A Invisible Diamond Setting Means?

The Invisible Setting is by far one of the most exciting and inspiring ways to set a diamond. But what is an Invisible Setting?

There Are Two Different Types Of Invisible Settings

  1. The truly Invisible Setting is the more risky setting. In this setting you cannot see any metalwork holding the stones. What you will see is a is a solid row of sparkling diamonds, stones touching side by side. In this setting the diamonds are held from underneath. Notches or cuts are made in every diamond, so the prongs below them can hold the stones in place. Once the notches are cut, the stones are pushed into place.
  2. The second type of Invisible Setting is a setting which is combined with the Cluster Setting, this means that the center stone is not held by any visible metal prongs. In fact, it doesn’t have prongs underneath either. Instead, the smaller stones surrounding it hold in place.

    The allure in this setting its beauty and the wow factor. Both versions of the invisible settings can be used for engagement rings as well as other types of diamond rings. This setting is popular for diamond earrings and pendants.

Where Did The Invisible Setting Originate?/span>

The Invisible Setting was developed by French jewelers over two hundred years ago and can be used in several different ways. Most often it is used as a decorative element on the band of a diamond engagement ring, or as the central motif of a diamond-set wedding ring or anniversary band. When used on a wedding band, Invisible Settings give the ring similar sparkle to a pavé (Pa Vay) or bead-set band, but with a sleeker more modern twist.

Different Settings, Different Shapes

The traditional invisible setting is most commonly used with Princess or Round cut diamonds.

Don’t be fooled by an Invisible Setting. Your diamond is just as secure in an Invisible Setting as it would be in a setting with prongs, the only difference is the hardware is cleverly hidden into the design. The diamonds lie flush against each other and there is no visible metal or beading between the diamonds. This setting offers a truly unique look.

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