Pair of loose half-moon and trapezoid cut diamonds

New additions to our stock: Half-moon and Trapezoid Cut Diamonds

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In anticipation of the Holiday Season we have added two new and special shapes to our ever growing collection of beautiful diamonds which can be seen at We have added Half-Moon Cuts As well as  Trapezoid Cut diamonds.

These cuts are offered as loose diamonds that would make great side stones if you are thinking of resetting a current diamond ring. They can be mounted in either 18 karat white or yellow gold.

Loose Half-Moon Cut Diamonds can also be used to enhance  Rectangular or Square Cut center stones, such as Princess, Radiant, Cushion or Emerald Cuts in a ring because of the rounded edge.

The Loose Trapezoid Cut Diamonds  looks great with Brilliant Cut Rectangular center stones such as Radiant or Princess Cuts Diamonds. The Trapezoid is an ideal complement for Emerald Cut Diamond due to its’ long length which enhances the Trapezoid shape.

We also carry Half-Moon Studs as well as Trapezoid Studs.