Jan 222018

Baguette diamonds made their debut  in the 1920’s during the Art Deco era and are very popular in diamond jewelry to this very day. The baguette cut is a dazzling diamond cut that is unique in its beauty.


Baguette Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, Natural Fancy Yellow, VS1) GIA Certified

Here’s a picture of a Loose Baguette Diamond

Baguettes are [usually] rectangular, step-cut diamonds with straight or tapered edges. Baguette diamonds usually add dazzle and an extra spark to many kinds of jewelry pieces, and in this case, they’re the main stones of dazzling tennis bracelets.


Why should I buy a baguette diamond bracelet?

First of all, just having the delicious name of a baguette cut should be enough, a baguette diamond could be your spirit animal!

Second of all, they’re unique. Everyone is walking around with the classic round diamonds in their tennis bracelets…

You’re not like everyone else, you’re different and special (I’m sure your mom agrees with this) and you deserve something that’s unique.

Finally, just look at this beauty!

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet white gold GIA certified

        The Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet

She can be all yours.

Very cool. But what about baguette diamond colors? How should they match with the color of the bracelet band?

Here, let me explain: Let’s go back to the tennis bracelet shown above. It’s adorned with excellent quality baguette diamonds that are nearly colorless (in GIA’s G-H color range). Since the diamonds are nearly colorless, white gold (or platinum) bands are recommended to showcase the excellent colorless features of the diamonds. If the diamonds are fancy-yellow (image of a natural fancy-yellow diamond from our website) a yellow gold colored band would be preferred as it helps to enhance their natural fancy-yellow color.


What about clarity? Is there anything I should know regarding the clarity for my baguette diamonds?

That’s actually the million-dollar question!

Choosing the right clarity is very important for all diamonds but baguette diamonds have a special attribute that makes clarity oh-so-special!

You see, baguette-cut diamonds are usually made with 14 facets and come in smaller carat weights than other cuts. Like other step cuts, the baguette cuts lack the brilliance of round-cut diamonds which can conceal inclusions, therefore flaws in these diamonds are easier to be seen. We recommend that you choose baguette diamonds that have a high clarity grade.

You don’t need to go for the highest clarity, but you should at least ensure that the stones are eye clean, meaning, that it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible with the naked eye.


After all that’s said and done, baguette diamonds are awesome and so are you – so treat yo’self.


Here is a quote by Lauren Conrad that helps prove my point:

Diamond Baguette Best Friend

A baguette bracelet is a girl’s best friend… but I’m just paraphrasing!

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Nov 272016
Cyber Monday Deals graphic

CaratsDirect2U Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Opportunity

Not to be Missed !!

28th November – 5th December


on any purchase over $800

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity

to view our  amazing



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Black Friday Opportunity

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Nov 242016

Black Friday Sale graphic

Don’t Forget Black Friday

We are offering absolutely

FREE SHIPPING on all purchases over $800

25 November – 27 November

Take this opportunity and surprise your loved one

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Oct 132016

Real Just Became Rare

Diamonds Expose Their Real Value

 A Real Relationship

A Real Diamond Relationship

The latest advertising campaign just launched by The Diamond Producers Association

 has switched the diamond from being Forever to being Rare



It was always real, that is to say relationships, but the reality of relationships has changed. A relationship used to mean an eventual marriage that was intended as a lifelong commitment, it meant functioning together, giving and building a relationship that was based on finding love through working together with a common goal and it was never expressed better than a real natural diamond.

Today relationships are still real, perhaps frighteningly more so but they mean a common empathy, the touching of souls, feeling emotion and experiencing the beauty of the world. But rather than spend a lifetime building a common goal and love with someone who perhaps is your opposite, we spend a lifetime looking for the ideal partner, someone who is going to understand the inside of my head and be part of the real me. This process takes much trial and error and searching again and again but then that is what our virtual society is all about.

The diamond was and is always there, always telling us about strength, purity, honesty, value, individuality and rarity. So when we said “Diamonds are Forever” we looked for all these virtues in the Forever, now the latest campaign tells us “Real is Rare” and we look for all these magic properties in a diamond, in the reality which is rare and worthwhile searching and striving for. The King of the Gemstones does not change his qualities, it is only in the perception of his subjects that he plays a different role.

The new campaign has indeed brought the diamond back to reality of the society we live in and makes the diamond again a must with the same endurance and perseverance that it used to be, albeit for different reasons.


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Mother’s Day 2016 – Get Free Shipping on Diamond Jewelry

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Apr 252016

Free Shipping on Diamond Jewelry for Mother’s Day 2016

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Princess Cut Diamond Earrings (0.58 Ct, H Color, VS Clarity)

Invisibly Set Diamond Stud Earrings Equaling 0.58 Carats, with 8 H Color, VS Clarity Princess Cut Diamonds

Find that Special Something for Mom this Year

This Mother’s Day, CaratsDirect2U is helping customers purchase the perfect diamond jewelry gift. Between 24th April and 8th May 2016, we will be offering free shipping to all US locations on items over $800. This means you can maximize your budget and get that piece of diamond jewelry your mother has always wanted. Whether you are looking for a pair of elegant diamond earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet or a natural fancy color diamond, you are bound to find what you are looking for at CaratsDirect2U. You can also take a look at a great new selection of multi-stone diamond pendants.

30 Day Return Policy on all Diamond Jewelry

We also offer a 30 day return policy on all our diamond jewelry, as well as wholesale prices all year round, so this really is the best time to buy diamond jewelry. You may also consider customizing a diamond pendant for your Mom this Mother’s Day; simply take a look at our guide to customizing a diamond jewelry piece and be in touch with one of our expert jewelers.

If you have any questions about diamond jewelry, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.

Save Money on Shipping for Diamond Jewelry for Mother's Day 2016

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5% off Selected Categories of Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day 2016

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Feb 012016

Make Great Savings on Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Find a Fitting Gift for that Special Someone

Ever thought of purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry for someone you love? This year, CaratsDirect2U is offering you the chance to find the ideal diamond jewelry gift at a great price. For Valentine’s Day 2016, between February 1st and February 14th, we will be offering great discounts on selected categories. To help you decide what you would like to purchase this year, here are this year’s Valentine’s Day Offers:

Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with 1.02 ct, E Color, VS clarity Heart Center Stone





With 10% of engagements occurring on Valentine’s Day, why not pop the question with a ring baring a heart shaped diamond. The symbol of love, a heart shaped diamond solitaire ring could be exactly what she is looking for. From large heart shaped diamonds to high clarity graded stones, you can find the ideal engagement ring for her.

Fancy Color Treated Pink Loose Diamonds

Radiant Cut Pinkish Purple HPHT Color Treated Loose Diamond (0.72 Ct, VS2)

0.72 Carat HPHT Color Treated Radiant Cut Pinkish Purple Loose Diamond, VS2 Clarity







With natural fancy color pink diamonds becoming increasingly more expensive and more difficult to find, HPHT and irradiated color treated diamonds are fast becoming more popular. You can now buy a larger fancy color diamond without spending over your budget. Whether you are purchasing the stone to set as a center stone for a ring or pendant, or you are buying a pair of pink loose diamonds to set as side stones, we have a great selection of loose fancy color treated pink diamonds.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Oval Cut High Quality Diamond Stud Earrings




Traditional, yet attractive. Diamond stud earrings are a great addition to match a diamond engagement ring or diamond solitaire pendant. We have unique items such as pink yellow diamond earrings for special occasions, as well as traditional white diamond stud earrings.

If you have any questions about diamond jewelry, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.

5% off Heart Diamond Rings, Pink Diamonds and Diamond Stud Earrings

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The Ideal Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Mom

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Dec 112014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Triangle Diamond Pendant on 14K Yellow Gold Chain, 1.01Ct

The holiday shopping season is moving fast, with shoppers looking around for that ideal gift, striving to make the most of the Christmas deals. When buying a present for your mom, you are sure to want to find her a gift she will immediately appreciate, as well as cherish for many years to come. If you have never bought your mother diamond jewelry, or if it is time she owns a new piece of diamond jewelry, take a look at three diamond jewelry categories that are most suitable when choosing between different gifts for your mom.

Solitaire Pendants

A diamond solitaire pendant will never go out of fashion. Whether the person you are purchasing for prefers colors, fancy shapes or more traditional style jewelry, a diamond pendant will always add a touch of class to any outfit she wears.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings, 2.06Ct, G Color, SI2 ClarityA woman’s wardrobe is never complete without a sparkling pair of diamond stud earrings. It is the ideal piece of jewelry for a woman to own and a great opportunity for her to have something set aside for those special occasions. If your mother appreciates larger diamonds, you may want to maximize your budget by buying her clarity enhanced diamond stud earrings.


Invisible Setting Diamond Pendant

Invisible Setting Pendant with 2.51 Carat Stones, G Color, VS1 ClarityWhy not be more creative this holiday shopping season and buy your mother a unique item of jewelry that contains several diamonds in one piece. Invisibly set jewelry is created by only the most skilled jewelers, with the final product containing several small diamonds giving the impression of a larger carat weight. From princess cut to baguette diamonds, when it comes to invisible setting jewelry, there are many possibilities.

CaratsDirect2U Holiday Season Offers

As we approach the holidays, CaratsDirect2U has continued to offer great deals on diamond jewelry to make it possible to buy the ideal item of jewelry for someone important to you this Christmas. We are offering 5% off all diamond tennis bracelets, stud earrings and color treated loose diamonds until December 19th. Further, you can get free shipping on all items over $800 if you purchase them before December 19th.

Visit our website to learn more about our great offers on diamond jewelry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by either emailing sales@caratsdirect2u.com or by calling 1-800-557-7095.

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Diamond Jewelry Cyber Monday Discounts for 7 Days

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Dec 012014

Cyber Monday Week is Here!

Save Money on Diamond Jewelry for a Whole Week

CaratsDirect2U is offering discounts on selected categories of diamond jewelry for the whole week of Cyber Monday 2014. Read this Cyber Monday blog to learn more about our great deals.

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Great Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas

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Nov 272014

7 Diamond Jewelry Christmas Gift Suggestions for 2014

Happy Holidays From a Trustworthy Diamond Seller

There is no gift more meaningful than jewelry, whose diamonds are handpicked and cut by experts. This year, why not buy someone important to you a gift that says it all, something that they will cherish forever? With Cyber Monday and Black Friday not far away, we will be offering free shipping on all items over $800 and great discounts on selected items. We have listed our favorite suggestions of diamond jewelry which will be a perfect gift for Christmas 2014.

1. Diamond Love Bracelet

18K Diamond Love Bracelet, G Color, VS1 Clarity

This 18k yellow gold fashion love bracelet with 0.56 Ct round cut diamonds, G Color and VS1 Clarity allows you to ensure the recipient will always remember how important you are to her. At $940, this could be the ideal gift for under $1000.


2. Fancy Color Stud Earrings

Blue Fancy Color Stud Earrings, 2.25 CaratAre you looking for a gift for someone who appreciates the rare things in life? If so, take a look at this pair of round diamond stud earrings with a 2.25 Ct blue color center stone and SI2 Clarity in a 14K yellow gold setting. With Thanksgiving not far away, you may be tempted to wear this beautiful pair of earrings at your festive Thanksgiving dinner.


3. Diamond Bangle Bracelet

1.5 Ct Bracelet on 18K White Gold BangleAre you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys wearing an array of diamonds on one piece of jewelry? Look no further than the diamond bangle bracelet. Any girl will be happily surprised to receive this sparkling 18k Bangle Bracelet laced with 1.5 Ct Princess and Round Cut diamonds with a G color and VS1 Clarity rating.


4. Gain More With Clarity Enhanced Loose Diamonds

Loose Clarity Enhanced Diamond, 1.8CtThis round cut 1.95 Ct loose diamond with an I color rating and SI3 clarity has been clarity enhanced. This means that it has undergone a treatment to improve its clarity, while remaining 100% a natural stone. On our website, this diamond which has been clarity enhanced sells for $4,345, while1.91 Ct, H color and SI3 clarity diamond of the same cut which is not enhanced sells for $7,974. This means that by purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond, you can save 46%, which will allow you to maximize your budget and purchase a larger stone.


5. Fashionable Invisible Setting Earrings

1.26 Ct Invisible Setting Earrings, in 18K White Gold SettingThis sparkly pair of 18k white gold fashion earrings is invisibly set with 1.26 carat Princess & Round Cut diamonds with a G color and VS1 clarity rating. Diamonds that are invisibly set can only be mounted by the most skilled manufacturers, making each item of jewelry particularly distinctive.


6. Diamond Solitaire Pendant for under $1,000

Diamond Solitaire Pendant, 0.45 Carat, E Color, VS2 ClarityLooking for a pendant with a high color and clarity grading for under $1,000? This solitaire pendant necklace has a 14K white gold chain has a color grading of E and clarity of VS2, with a gleaming 0.45 Ct round cut diamond. This pendant will make a great gift for someone who particularly appreciates diamonds with a high grading.


7. The Distinctive Multi-Band Ring

White Gold Multi-band Ring, 18K, 3.22Ct DiamondsWho said rings are just for engagements and weddings? This white gold multi-band fashion ring is laced with 3.22 Carats of Round Cut diamonds of G Color and VS1 Clarity. It’s a special item of jewelry that will look perfect with an elegant dinner outfit.


CaratsDirect2U Holiday Shopping Season Deals

Visit our website for this year’s holiday season deals. We will be offering free shipping for all diamond jewelry over $800 during the weeks of Cyber Monday (December 1st – December 8th) and Black Friday (November 28th – December 5th), as well as other special offers during the holiday shopping season. Be sure to order before December 19th to ensure you receive your purchase before Christmas. Remember, we ship to USA, Canada and Europe among other locations.

If you have any further questions regarding diamond jewelry trends, we can be reached by either emailing sales@caratsdirect2u.com or by calling 1-800-557-7095.

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Five Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2014

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May 072014

At CaratsDirect2U we understand that life is filled with happy moments, particularly when celebrating special occasions. Bring together love and life with a special gift from CaratsDirect2U this Mother’s Day.

Show your mother how much you care with a gift from CaratsDirect2U. Our Mother’s Day

Gift Guide has a wide selection of beautiful gifts for your beautiful mother. From Diamond Pendants to Diamond Tennis Bracelets, you’re sure to find just the right gift.

Spoil your mother on Mother’s day with one our top recommendations for 2014, handpicked from our collection and sure to please your mother on this special day.

1) This 18k white gold  Pendant  0.52 Ct., G Color, VVS1 Clarity  with Baguette, Round and Triangle Cut Diamonds is shaped as a  daughter, and comes with chain included.  It is the ideal gift from a daughter to her mother. So, what is the meaning behind a Diamond Pendant? A Pendant tells her that you want to be close to her heart all day.

18k White Gold Baguette Round and Triangle Cut Diamonds Daughter Pendant with chain (0.52 Ct., G Color, VVS1 Clarity)

2) This 18k Yellow Gold, Fashion Love Bracelet With Round Cut Diamonds 0.56 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity  tells it is all.  A diamond charm bracelet tells her that you want to always be on her mind.

18k Yellow Gold Fashion Love Bracelet With Round Cut Diamonds (0.56 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)

3) These fancy diamond earrings go great with any attire. 18K White Gold Dangle Earrings with Invisible Set Princess & Round Cut Diamonds,1.81 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity The interlocking loops of these fancy earrings can symbolize the never ending bond between a mother and her children.

18K White Gold Dangle Earrings With Invisible Set Princess & Round Cut Diamonds (1.81 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)

4) You cannot go wrong with a pair of classic round diamond studs. These Round Diamond Stud Earrings 14k, 0.92 Ct, I Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity are the perfect choice that will tell her that you care about her looking elegant each and every day.

Round Diamond Stud Earrings 14k ( 0.92 Ct, I Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity)

5) Nothing says I Love You more than a heart shaped loose diamond. For example, this Heart Cut Loose Diamond 3.01 Ct, D color, VS1 clarity, Clarity Enhanced, Laser Drilled, and EGL Certified. Buying your mother a loose heart shaped diamond says you love her and want her to be able to choose the setting that suits her best.

Heart Cut Loose Diamond (3.01 Ct, D ,VS1(Clarity Enhanced,Laser Drilled)) EGL Certified


When purchasing a Mother’s Day gift from CaratsDirect2U you are sure to receive:

1) Prices at least 30% below retail prices

2) Our no questions asked 30 day return policy

3) A gift box with each purchase

Feel free to visit our site at www.CaratsDirect2U.com or call one of our professional jewelers toll free 1-800-557-7095.

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