Jan 222018

Baguette diamonds made their debut  in the 1920’s during the Art Deco era and are very popular in diamond jewelry to this very day. The baguette cut is a dazzling diamond cut that is unique in its beauty.


Baguette Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, Natural Fancy Yellow, VS1) GIA Certified

Here’s a picture of a Loose Baguette Diamond

Baguettes are [usually] rectangular, step-cut diamonds with straight or tapered edges. Baguette diamonds usually add dazzle and an extra spark to many kinds of jewelry pieces, and in this case, they’re the main stones of dazzling tennis bracelets.


Why should I buy a baguette diamond bracelet?

First of all, just having the delicious name of a baguette cut should be enough, a baguette diamond could be your spirit animal!

Second of all, they’re unique. Everyone is walking around with the classic round diamonds in their tennis bracelets…

You’re not like everyone else, you’re different and special (I’m sure your mom agrees with this) and you deserve something that’s unique.

Finally, just look at this beauty!

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet white gold GIA certified

        The Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet

She can be all yours.

Very cool. But what about baguette diamond colors? How should they match with the color of the bracelet band?

Here, let me explain: Let’s go back to the tennis bracelet shown above. It’s adorned with excellent quality baguette diamonds that are nearly colorless (in GIA’s G-H color range). Since the diamonds are nearly colorless, white gold (or platinum) bands are recommended to showcase the excellent colorless features of the diamonds. If the diamonds are fancy-yellow (image of a natural fancy-yellow diamond from our website) a yellow gold colored band would be preferred as it helps to enhance their natural fancy-yellow color.


What about clarity? Is there anything I should know regarding the clarity for my baguette diamonds?

That’s actually the million-dollar question!

Choosing the right clarity is very important for all diamonds but baguette diamonds have a special attribute that makes clarity oh-so-special!

You see, baguette-cut diamonds are usually made with 14 facets and come in smaller carat weights than other cuts. Like other step cuts, the baguette cuts lack the brilliance of round-cut diamonds which can conceal inclusions, therefore flaws in these diamonds are easier to be seen. We recommend that you choose baguette diamonds that have a high clarity grade.

You don’t need to go for the highest clarity, but you should at least ensure that the stones are eye clean, meaning, that it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible with the naked eye.


After all that’s said and done, baguette diamonds are awesome and so are you – so treat yo’self.


Here is a quote by Lauren Conrad that helps prove my point:

Diamond Baguette Best Friend

A baguette bracelet is a girl’s best friend… but I’m just paraphrasing!

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Buyer’s Guide: Star of David Pendant

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Apr 272017

Buyer’s Guide: Star of David Pendant

An 18 karat yellow gold rhombus cut diamond star of david pendant

A sparkling diamond Magen David pendant, set in 18-karat yellow gold

The Star of David pendant is an outstanding jewelry piece combining symbolism and style. When purchasing a Star of David, or Magen David in Hebrew, there are a series of variables to be considered to ensure you buy a high-quality piece. This buyer’s guide will walk through three of the most common elements to focus on when selecting a diamond Star of David pendant.


Variable #1: Size of the Magen David

The Magen David is an evocative symbol. In classic Kabbalistic Jewish imagery, the Magen David represents the authority of God over Earth, ruling in all six directions: North, South, East, West, up and down. The two interlocking triangles represent the relationship between mankind and God, with man’s good deeds our represented by the triangle pointing up and God’s holiness emanating down toward people.


Because of this symbolism, you’ll want to select a Magen David pendant that is recognizable yet comfortable, whether that be a flat star with rows of diamonds, which shows off the shape in the metal, or a compact star with a high concentration of stones, which sparkles beautifully as a symbolic representation of the relationship between mankind and God.


Variable #2: Diamond Design

When purchasing your diamond Star of David pendant, pay special attention to the shape of the diamonds that comprise the Magen David. Pendants made of kite diamonds will sparkle with greater brilliance than a Magen David made from round diamonds when arranged in this shape. A kite diamond will always stand out in the pendant and maintain its distinctiveness even in the hexagonal form of the Star of David.


Two additional elements of design are also important: the thickness of the overall design and the setting and quality of the diamond. When selecting a diamond Magen David pendant look for one that has a good balance between shape and thickness. A Magen David accent that is too thick will not be easily recognizable, while one that is too thin will not show the overall brilliance of the kite diamond. Select a diamond Star of David pendant that shows off the kite diamond but is not too thick.


Similarly, you’ll want to select a Magen David with a setting that shows off as much of the diamond as possible; half-bezel or invisible settings are optimal, while full-bezel or prong settings also work. Be careful in choosing a diamond of high quality. A clear diamond will sparkle and show off the beauty of the Magen David shape much better than a cloudy or colored diamond.

A diamond pendant in the shape of a Star of David, set in 18 karat white gold with a chain

An 18-karat thin white gold Magen David pendant made of kite diamond.

Variable #3: Gold Color & Chain Length

Like any gold jewelry piece, you’ll want to strike a balance between the purity of the gold in your diamond Star of David pendant and the durability of the metal. Pure 24-karat gold is softer than its 18- or 14-karat counterparts and is therefore less durable than the alloys, however has the increased value of being pure gold. In a pendant element both the 18- and 24-karat gold settings and chains are strong enough to hold up with the Star of David shape. Select a chain that is best suited to your budget while maximizing the percentage of gold in the element.


When selecting a Star of David pendant, you need to balance the size of the element with the chain length. A chain that is too thin makes a larger pendant seem of place, while a chain that is too think draws the eye away from the element of the Magen David. Also, the weight of the element itself may deform the chain’s links if they cannot support it, so strike a balance between these two aspects when selecting a pendant. Most of our chains are resizable upon request, so you’ll be able to select a chain that is the perfect length for your Magen David.


Our collection of diamond Star of David pendants is available on our website, or you can build your own by contacting one of our jewelers at 1-800-557-7095 or sales@caratsdirect2u.com

Add Sparkle and Spirituality with a Diamond Star of David Pendant

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Dec 152016

The Stars Are Ringing for You


18k White Gold Kite Cut Invisible Setting Double Diamond Star Ring (0.56 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

A Unique Double Diamond Star Ring

Add the magic of Diamond Star Rings to your fingers

Diamond Star Jewelry has a style that says more about you than your dreams can ever imagine. A major part of this style are Diamond Star Rings that have always been a feature of CaratsDirect2U who constantly add to this collection. Often Star Diamond Rings are created by setting several special shaped stones together and forming a five or six pointed star. This enchanting and unique shape is known as the kite shape diamond. The effect is amazing, the facets on each of the stones blend together as one individual star.

A famous slogan once stated, “Let Your Fingers do the Walking” we say “Let Your Fingers do the Talking”. The first thing people notice and one of the most important elements in body language is the hands and fingers. A woman adorned with long graceful fingers says as much about a person’s personality as a man’s solid indomitable fingers. They are the part of the body that people use to express their sign of trust and loyalty, love and friendship, commitment and betrothal. The universal hand shake that says welcome and yes I want to know you, and good-bye, yes I want to meet you again are those same hands that are used to close million dollar deals. The world of human expression and the medium for any art or craft is found in the hands and fingers.

This vital finger deserves the very best expression and there is nothing better than a Diamond Star Ring. This adds importance to the role of the finger and the ring placed on it accentuates this more than any other item of jewelry. Stars capture your imagination, maybe it’s the magic and mystery, maybe the rich, gorgeous and famous, but one thing is sure, they have the power of attraction and bring your personal desires and fantasies to reality.

Become a Star with Diamond Jewelry

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Five “Must Knows” About Treated Fancy Colored Diamonds

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Sep 292016

Get Enhanced with Fancy Colored Diamonds

Yellow treated fancy colored earring studs

Stunning Studs

 Look What Color Can Do

Remember the old days when there used to be black and white television? Then along came the world of color and nobody wanted to even think about black and white again. Try and imagine what it was like when there was only black and white film to put in your camera or what parties would be like with balloons only available in grey, black or white, everything’s great but with no emotion.

Diamonds are beautiful and there is no dispute that they really are a girl’s best friend and show that he truly does love her. Just mix a little color and you have the instant recipe for love with emotion, the perfect formula for burning passion.  Remember every color is available for every emotion.

Everyone Can Afford This

Say fancy colored yellow diamonds and you think of tens of thousand dollars, say fancy colored pink diamonds and you think of celebrities, red carpets and six figures. Say fancy colored blue diamonds and you think of museums. Say fancy colored red diamonds and you think that some people get to the moon. What would you say if I waved you a wand and gave you all of this for a price you can afford? (sung to the tune of “With A Little Help From My Friends”). Treated fancy colored diamonds allows you just that.

The Physics and Chemistry of Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds exist because at some stage of the birth of a diamond a trace of a chemical found its home within the stone. Or there was a slight change in the lattice and crystal structure of the diamond, creating a unique color each with a different intensity, hue and shade. Blue diamonds have the chemical boron, green diamonds were irradiated during their formation, but so long ago that they are completely harmless. In some stones, the atomic structure was changed to produce red diamonds and yellow diamonds are yellow because they contain a trace of nitrogen.

A Lesson in Magic

Take a completely pure natural diamond, and through various processes, one can create a Treated Fancy Color Diamond and without a laboratory and microscope the wearer or admirer will never know the difference. One of these processes is known as HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) with this process a slight or faint color can be enhanced to produce an intense or vivid color in the same diamond. Irradiated or color enhanced diamonds today are completely safe, the diamond has been bombard with high-energy particles altering the crystal lattice which in turn allows different colors to take effect. This method is especially appropriate for enhancing brown, orange, yellow and pink diamonds and creating stunning shades and hues that are irreversible.

Enhance Your Love with a Jewel

Jewelry is fashion whether in 18kt or 14kt, whether in white, yellow or rose gold and whether styled as a ringpendant, pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace. Sensuous shapes, modern trends, your personal chic and different blends of gold combined with the amazing array of fancy colored diamonds available will make any woman feel like a film star.

Colored Diamonds Say As Much About You as the Clothes You Wear

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Sep 122016

Diamond Flower Jewelry Says It All

14kt bracelet diamond flower jewelry collection

Look What Flowers Can Do

A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any happy occasion, the flower, nature’s gift to us, expresses your thoughts, your friendship, your appreciation or your love. Beyond that, you said the wrong thing, you forgot her birthday, you showed up late, you were dancing with her best friend, you are in a mess, what better way to express your apology with a flower? Ah yes, the world was created with a cure for everything. The perfect remedy for fixing love or finding love and all with that enigmatic bunch of flowers. Their brilliant colors, their perfume and fragrance, their delicacy, their beauty and aesthetics, these feminine attributes are nature’s love potion.

Flower Jewelry

Take this wonderful gift of nature, combine it with human skill and perseverance and a better more reliable alternative comes into play, either diamond flowers or diamond flower jewelry. They come in as many colors as the botanical flowers, they will not wilt and with their “forever aspect” she will remember you more and for longer. The goldsmith will give you as much tenderness as the gardener and as for the perfume, well a bottle of the stuff will do the same trick.

Diamonds as Flowers

The natural shape of cut diamonds spans from round to square, from marquise to oval, from pear to heart, from cushion to briolette and from triangular to emerald, in short a shape for every emotion and mood. By carefully setting diamonds in various combinations one can create any desired flower. A few pear shapes or marquise shapes will give you a tulip, that slender and stylish flower. Several triangular shapes will give you a rose, the flower known to be the ultimate elegant expression of love.

The Scope of Diamond Flower Jewelry

Not just the shape of diamonds can create the flower effect but also the jewelry itself can create and instill that emotion that makes Cupid draw back his bow and lets his arrow fly. 14 kt and 18 kt gold is available in a number of colors and it can be formed into almost any shape imaginable. The product can be worn as diamond set rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings or stunning diamond necklaces. The choice is as large as the 400,000 known varieties of flowers in the world.

So why not say it with Diamond Flower Jewelry

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The Plus of Buying Diamonds Online

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Sep 112016

Why Buy Online and Not from Your Friendly Jeweler

model with princess cut solitaire diamond ring

Having popped the question recently to my beloved and she having said the anticipated “Yes” I was faced with the dilemma of where to get that stone that would last forever for her diamond engagement ring. The choice was between the local jewelry store that could be trusted, after all he had even known my grandfather, or a friend who was purportedly “in the know” or from the perilous world of online diamonds. Obviously when faced with such a dilemma one had to seek advice, and who else but my future’s best friend who had incidentally introduced us in the first place.

She ran a fashion website, had the looks and taste that matched the needs of my betrothed and I could trust her when buying diamonds online that she would not want me to get swindled.

My first question was that surely my local jeweler would be able to find and procure for me any stone that I so desired or to fit my pocket. It didn’t take her long to convince me of the fallacy of this myth. My local jeweler has his purchased stock that quite legitimately he wants to sell rather than find for me a new stone. With online diamonds the advantage is that I can have access to almost any diamond that is out there or at the worst identical stones to fit any requirement I might want or expect.

“Where are all these online diamonds that I am looking at?”, was the next question and her smile at my innocence convinced me that she was right when she told me that my search is with the very diamond manufacturers themselves, no store or retailer, no middle man, no agent or wholesaler but the very source itself. Most definitely a heavy load removed from my mind.

“Er what happens if I don’t like the stone when I receive it? In other words, it looks different in real life than on a computer screen?” This time her answer was together with a reassuring hand on my shoulder, “Any reputable site offers a 30-day money back return policy. In any case this will probably be unnecessary, ever heard about the latest technology that allows you to view the stone with a 360-degree swivel and of course with a larger magnification that you will have in real life even with a loupe?” I was almost convinced but there was still a doubt left that was serious enough to prevent me taking the plunge into the world of web-diamonds.

This time it was me with a smile on my face. “I can look all day at enormous stocks of stones of every variety imaginable and with a depth and clarity that goes beyond what I could ever require. All in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace. And as you say at better prices that even 40 years of loyalty with the local jeweler could not produce. If I don’t like what I receive, no problem, money back and re-order. I took a deep breath, “but my dear I am no expert, I don’t know what I am looking at, if it was a horse then I know to look at his teeth, what do I look for in a diamond?”

Her hands moved to her hips and she looked straight at me in the eyes, “Do you think I would let you propose to my best friend, if I didn’t trust your judgement and intelligence?” I was wooed. “Any good online diamond site comes with a tutorial that explains what you should look for depending on your needs, perhaps size is important or budget or any other combination of color, clarity carat or cut.” She didn’t rest up. “These sites have built themselves on reputation, they want you to come back to them, you will have to make more purchases, not just diamonds but jewelry that requires more aesthetic judgement and understanding a woman’s needs.” Her look had changed from being complimentary to empowering.

This time it was my turn, I walked over to her, planted the appropriate kiss on her and told her that she had made this match in more ways than one. “Thanks for being the one that my friend deserves and all because of an online diamond,” came her reply.

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Aug 032016

6 Tips on Buying Two Tone and Multi Tone Diamond Jewelry Pieces

14k Two Tone Gold Bezel Setting Limited Edition 5.1 Ct Oval Millennial Sunrise & Round Cut Diamond Link Bracelet (I-J Color, SI-VS Clarity)

14k Two Tone Gold Limited Edition Oval Millennial Sunrise & Round Cut Diamond Link Bracelet with Bezel Setting (5.1ct, I-J Color, SI-VS Clarity)

Two Tone Diamond Jewelry – Get the Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry pieces, the metal type you choose for the jewelry design really depends on your personal taste. Of course, traditionally people choose between yellow gold or white gold settings, but recently two-tone jewelry pieces have become increasingly popular, with multiple designs to choose from. From classic two tone white and yellow gold diamond solitaire rings to two tone rose and white gold diamond anniversary rings, you really can be as creative as you wish with the design. This blog will share some useful tips on buying two tone and multi tone diamond jewelry pieces.

1. Who is the Jewelry Piece for?

When it comes to multi tone diamond jewelry pieces, what you decide to purchase depends on who you are buying the piece for. Does the lucky recipient of this jewelry piece prefer multiple small diamonds or one or two large diamonds? Do they like fancy colored diamonds or white diamonds? Further, consider whether this item will be for daily wear such as an engagement ring, or for special occasions such as dinner parties and family events. If this person prefers a vintage look, perhaps you’ll consider a vintage style yellow and white gold two tone diamond tennis bracelet.

2. Understanding the Gold Tone Metal Stamp

As with any gold setting, the metal stamp will be on the inside of the jewelry piece. The type of metal stamp on the jewelry piece depends on where the item was manufactured. For example, in the UK, 14k yellow gold will be stamped with the hallmark number 585. Jewelry manufactured in the USA, however, will be stamped with the 14k mark. In this case, jewelry containing multiple tones requires one metal stamp. If you cannot find a metal stamp on your piece of jewelry, this does not necessarily mean that it does not contain real gold, though we do advise visiting a local jeweler to examine the piece.

3. Check the Diamond Color Grade

If you are customizing your own diamond jewelry piece the color grade of the diamond or diamonds you are matching to the jewelry piece should be taken into consideration with choosing the diamond ring or diamond pendant setting. For example, a lower color grade, such as I – K, will look darker in a yellow gold setting than in a white gold setting. This does not mean you should rule out a two tone or multi tone diamond jewelry setting, but you may want to have the main stones in the jewelry be set into the white gold tone of the jewelry piece.

4. Match your Multi Tone Diamond Ring to the Your Skin Tone

One of the beauties of two tone or multi tone diamond jewelry pieces is that they can match almost any skin tone. While white gold diamond jewelry is best suited to lighter skin tones, yellow and rose gold will tend to suit darker skin tones. For this reason, the metal types in two tone diamond jewelry pieces such as two tone yellow and white gold or two tone rose and white gold jewelry complement each other to look great on almost any skin tone.

5. Find the Right Two Tone Diamond Jewelry Ratio

18K Two Tone White & Yellow Gold Color Irradiated Fancy Yellowish Green Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, VS2 Clarity

You will notice that some multi tone diamond jewelry pieces contain more of one color than the other. For example, this round diamond solitaire engagement ring is set in 18K two tone gold, with a 0.32 Ct fancy yellowish green irradiated center stone with a VS2 clarity grading. You’ll notice that this piece is mainly yellow gold, with a little bit of white gold in the underside of the ring.

6. Comparing Rose Gold with Yellow Gold

14K Rose & White Gold Two Tone Round Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring (0.62 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-SI3 Clarity)

Typically, two tone diamond jewelry pieces contain yellow gold and white gold. However, rose gold, also referred to as pink gold or red gold, is becoming more popular and is often used in a two tone diamond ring, thus giving it a vintage look. For example, this two tone diamond anniversary ring containing 91 G-H color, SI2-SI3 clarity round cut diamonds weighing 0.62 Ct is set in two tone rose and white gold. Because rose gold is more unique than yellow gold, we advise you ensure the person you are purchasing the diamond jewelry piece for will like the distinct design.

Finding the Multi Tone Diamond Jewelry Piece of Your Dreams

CaratsDirect2U has an extensive range of two tone diamond jewelry pieces, from 14k two tone diamond solitaire engagement rings to 18k two tone multi stone diamond fashion bracelets. We also have one-of-a-kind elegant flower shaped two tone yellow and white gold diamond stud earrings that would be perfect for special occasions. Further, if you have something specific in mind and you can’t find what you are looking for, we can customize any diamond jewelry piece. To get started, simply email CustomJewelry@CaratsDirect2U.com and we’ll help you every step of the way.

If you have any further questions, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.

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Apr 072016

Watch 100 Years of Diamond Engagement Rings

Where Does my Diamond Engagement Ring Fit into History?

Ever wondered what your engagement ring would look like had you got married in the 1940s? Or would you love to see an Art Deco style diamond engagement ring with a round center stone from the 1930s? This fun video celebrates the last century of diamond engagement rings and highlights the evolution from 100 years ago to what we are used to seeing today. You’ll be sure to enjoy seeing where the engagement ring you are wearing fits into the timeline. Here are some highlights to get you excited:

  • The simple, yet elegant diamond solitaire setting with a round white center stone, still one of the popular settings a century later, is the most commonly worn diamond engagement ring in the early 1900s.
  • The Edwardian Filigree setting makes a comeback as white gold becomes the preferred metal used for engagement rings in the 1930s.
  • During the 1950s, platinum becomes the more popular metal of choice and jewelers start setting their engagement rings with round diamond side stones.
  • Fancy shapes such as the marquise, pear, heart and step cut emerald diamonds become increasingly popular in the 1960s, with other shapes such as the princess, radiant and triangle diamonds to enter the market in the coming years.
  • Towards the end of the 20th century, radiant cut diamond engagement rings, often adorned with triangular or emerald side stones become the diamond engagement ring of choice, with the sharp-cornered princess cut diamond following shortly after. A princess cut diamond engagement ring with small round diamonds with a similar clarity grade along the sides are seen as a great way of enhancing the princess cut solitaire diamond ring.

Fancy Colored Diamonds and Engagement Rings Today

18k White Gold Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with G Color, VS Clarity Surrounding Stones, Total Weight 1.15 Ct

Fancy Blue Irradiated Radiant Cut Center Stone Surrounded by Round Cut Diamonds Set in 18k White Gold

Today, natural fancy colored diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as center stones for diamond engagement rings, with the halo being the setting of choice. Fancy color treated diamonds are also popular, allowing buyers to maximize their budget and purchase a fancy colored diamond engagement ring without having to compromise on the size or clarity grade of the diamond. White gold is still the metal of choice, with yellow gold and rose gold engagement rings suiting some people better. Do you like the diamond engagement ring design of the current era? Take a look at this great video and see which era of diamond engagement rings suits your taste best.

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4 Benefits of Viewing 360 Degree Photos of Diamond Jewelry

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Mar 032016

4 Advantages of Using 360° Photos When Purchasing Diamond Jewelry

62 Stone Diamond Tennis Bracelet with G Color, VVS Clarity Diamonds

62 Stone Diamond Tennis Bracelet with G Color, VVS Clarity Diamonds set in 18K White Gold

We recently introduced 360° photos for many of our new diamond jewelry pieces, allowing you to see the item in its entirety and from every angle. This means that when you purchase a diamond jewelry piece online, you will be able to make an informed decision on what to purchase based on the high quality 360 degree photos. Here are 4 reasons why we believe 360 Degree photos of diamond jewelry will help you purchase the diamond jewelry piece that is just right for you. Further, the 360° are mobile friendly, meaning you can choose your next item of diamond jewelry on your smartphone or tablet.

1. See Everything

Viewing a 360 degree photo of an item of diamond jewelry enables you to view the item from the comfort of your own home, as if you are viewing it in a retail store. A 360 degree photo will enable you to actually see the sparkle of the diamonds, helping you to decide whether or not it has the characteristics you are looking for in a piece of diamond jewelry.

2. Understand the Diamond Jewelry Setting

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Marquise Shaped Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones (1.75 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

Whereas a high quality still photo of an item of diamond jewelry will highlight the main stones in the jewelry, a 360° photo will help you see all the stones in the setting in all their beauty. The photo will help you examine any special designs in the metal, as well as how the diamonds are arranged in such unique designs such as multi-stone and invisible settings. For example, this 18k white gold invisible setting marquise shaped round cut diamond engagement ring weighing a total of 1.75 Ct, with a G color and VS clarity grade contains multiple side stones. This well crafted ring is invisibly set at the highest of standards, with this 360 degree photo illustrating that. Pausing the rotation and zooming into the photo will allow you to see the setting and diamond ring design in all its beauty.

3. Seeing all the Diamonds at 360 Degrees

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Round Cut Diamond Flower Stud Earrings (1.02 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

By looking at a 360 degree photo of an item of diamond jewelry, you’ll be able to see every single diamond easily. This is particularly useful when purchasing invisibly set diamond jewelry made up of several small diamonds. For example, this pair of invisible setting round cut flower shaped diamond stud earrings contain 50 G color, VS clarity graded diamonds weighing a total of 1.02 Ct. From the 360 degree photo of the pair, you will be able to see the high quality of the diamonds, as well as examine the invisible setting of the earrings.

4. Zooming in and Pausing at 360 Degrees

If regular 360 degree photos of diamond jewelry does not help you decide what to buy, you can easily zoom in on the photo by either clicking on the plus and minus buttons or moving your mouse along the arrow. You can also pause the movement of the photo by clicking the play/ pause button, or by clicking on the screen. These two features allow you to examine the diamonds in your own time, while getting a better understanding of the imperfections in the stones.

If you have any questions about our new range of diamond jewelry, we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.

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Jan 202016

5 Benefits of K, L & M Color Graded Diamonds

Lower Color Graded Diamonds

Triangle Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, L ,SI2) WGI Certified

1.01 Ct L Color, SI2 Clarity Triangle Cut Loose Diamond, WGI Certified








People who have experience purchasing diamonds will know that a D color graded diamond will always be more expensive than the same stone with a K color grade. That is because a D color graded diamond is considered colorless and is rarer. Higher color graded diamonds are generally more desirable and will therefore always be in a higher price range. However, many diamond buyers specifically look for diamonds with lower color grades such as K, L and M. This blog will highlight five key reasons why people purchase lower color graded diamonds:

1. Larger Diamond for Your Budget

Firstly, many people would love to own a large diamond but may believe they do not have the budget for such a stone. Because a D colored diamond will always be more expensive than a K – M colored diamond, the lower the color grade of the stone, the lower the price. This allows you to purchase a larger diamond for your budget. For example, a 1.04 carat round cut loose diamond with an L color and VS1 clarity grade costs $2,044.55. A GIA certified round cut 1.01 carat white diamond with an E color and VS2 clarity grading costs $8,211.40. Therefore, by lowering the color grade you are looking for, you stand to save over 75% and still get a diamond with a slightly higher carat weight and clarity grade.

2. Lower Color Grades Suit Darker Skin Tones

People with darker skin often prefer diamonds with a faint yellow presence as it will suit their skin tone better than colorless diamonds. This is particularly true when it comes to diamond stud earrings.

3. Great for Yellow Gold Settings

14K Yellow Gold Invisible Setting Diamond Earrings with 10 M – N Color, VS Clarity Pear Cut Diamonds Weighing 0.73 Carats

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings with 10 M – N Color, VS Clarity Pear Cut Diamonds Weighing 0.73 Carats








For round diamonds in a yellow gold diamond solitaire setting, you should consider buying a K – M color graded diamond. This is because the whiteness of the diamond is absorbed into the yellow of the gold, so even a higher color graded diamond will appear slightly yellow. For princess, Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds, this would be the equivalent of getting a K colored diamond due to their difference in facet arrangement.

4. Strong Fluorescence Makes Diamonds Look Whiter

Another way of purchasing a lower color graded diamond while still getting a diamond that looks relatively colorless is to buy a K – M colored diamond with strong fluorescence. While a medium or strong blue fluorescence tends to diminish the brilliance of colorless diamonds, they often make lower color graded diamonds look whiter. Not many people know this smart way of saving money when purchasing a diamond.

5. Lower Color Graded Side Stones

Pave or side stones can often be up to two grades lower than the center stone of a diamond engagement ring or diamond pendant. In many cases, customers prefer lower color graded side stones to accentuate the brilliance of the center stone. Therefore, if your center stone is I – K colored, the side stones can be J – L graded. This is also another great way to save money on side stones.

CaratsDirect2U has a large range of K – M color grade white loose diamonds. If you would like to know more, or to speak to one of our expert jewelers, contact us for free on 1-800-557-7095. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com with any questions you may have.

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