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Jan 222018

Baguette diamonds made their debut  in the 1920’s during the Art Deco era and are very popular in diamond jewelry to this very day. The baguette cut is a dazzling diamond cut that is unique in its beauty.


Baguette Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, Natural Fancy Yellow, VS1) GIA Certified

Here’s a picture of a Loose Baguette Diamond

Baguettes are [usually] rectangular, step-cut diamonds with straight or tapered edges. Baguette diamonds usually add dazzle and an extra spark to many kinds of jewelry pieces, and in this case, they’re the main stones of dazzling tennis bracelets.


Why should I buy a baguette diamond bracelet?

First of all, just having the delicious name of a baguette cut should be enough, a baguette diamond could be your spirit animal!

Second of all, they’re unique. Everyone is walking around with the classic round diamonds in their tennis bracelets…

You’re not like everyone else, you’re different and special (I’m sure your mom agrees with this) and you deserve something that’s unique.

Finally, just look at this beauty!

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet white gold GIA certified

        The Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet

She can be all yours.

Very cool. But what about baguette diamond colors? How should they match with the color of the bracelet band?

Here, let me explain: Let’s go back to the tennis bracelet shown above. It’s adorned with excellent quality baguette diamonds that are nearly colorless (in GIA’s G-H color range). Since the diamonds are nearly colorless, white gold (or platinum) bands are recommended to showcase the excellent colorless features of the diamonds. If the diamonds are fancy-yellow (image of a natural fancy-yellow diamond from our website) a yellow gold colored band would be preferred as it helps to enhance their natural fancy-yellow color.


What about clarity? Is there anything I should know regarding the clarity for my baguette diamonds?

That’s actually the million-dollar question!

Choosing the right clarity is very important for all diamonds but baguette diamonds have a special attribute that makes clarity oh-so-special!

You see, baguette-cut diamonds are usually made with 14 facets and come in smaller carat weights than other cuts. Like other step cuts, the baguette cuts lack the brilliance of round-cut diamonds which can conceal inclusions, therefore flaws in these diamonds are easier to be seen. We recommend that you choose baguette diamonds that have a high clarity grade.

You don’t need to go for the highest clarity, but you should at least ensure that the stones are eye clean, meaning, that it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible with the naked eye.


After all that’s said and done, baguette diamonds are awesome and so are you – so treat yo’self.


Here is a quote by Lauren Conrad that helps prove my point:

Diamond Baguette Best Friend

A baguette bracelet is a girl’s best friend… but I’m just paraphrasing!

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3 Tips for Buying Diamond Wire Bracelets

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Jul 062017
A 14 karat white gold round diamond wire bracelet

This 14 karat white gold round diamond wire bracelet shows off the bracelets situated in the front.

3 Tips for Buying Diamond Wire Bracelets

An elegant cross between a bangle and chain bracelet, the diamond wire bracelet holds a unique spot in anyone’s wardrobe. The wire bracelet has a singular metal band connected by a chain in the back and can show off diamond inserts along the front. Purchasing a diamond wire bracelet proves easier using the following three tips.

Tip 1: Ease of Wearing

A diamond wire bracelet, by nature, can come in several different styles, like the 14 karat rose gold wavy wire bracelet below or the 14 karat white gold round wire bracelet above. Each bracelet will sit differently on the wrist from its neighbor, so it is paramount to choose one with a style that matches your comfort. Take in to account things like: how active you will be while wearing the diamond wire bracelet, your comfort in wearing an irregularly shaped piece, and the strength of the metal, when deciding what type of style is best suited for you.

A 14 karat rose gold wave diamond wire bracelet

The 14 karat rose gold wavy diamond wire bracelet combines fashion and style

Tip 2: Bracelet size

A wire bracelet is made much in the same way a bangle bracelet, mostly of one solid band of metal. Wire (and bangle) bracelets are worn loose on the wrist, with plenty of room to maneuver the wrist while wearing the piece. In comparison, both link bracelets and tennis bracelets can be worn either tight against the wrist or looser off the wrist, depending on what you want. Even though wire bracelets are worn off the wrist, you still want to choose one that offers enough structural support that it does not slide down the wrist while being worn.


Tip 3: More than Meets the Eye

A diamond wire bracelet packs more punch than you might expect. The diamond wire bracelet uniquely gives the visual benefits of both a beautiful bangle and tennis bracelets. So, you want to make sure that you are selecting a bracelet that is best set to show off the sparkle of the diamonds by choosing one that brings the diamonds up off the wrist, which sets this type of bracelet apart from all its other counterparts.

An online purchase of a diamond wire bracelet is a great way to buy a fancy new gift for yourself or for another. Using these three tips, you’ll be able to buy a diamond wire bracelet that best suits you. We are always happy to answer your questions about diamond wire bracelets or other jewelry by contacting us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.


Diamond Wire Bracelets- an exquisite add to any wardrobe.

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Our New Collection of Diamond Tennis Bracelets has Arrived!

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May 112017

Our New Collection of Diamond Tennis Bracelets has Arrived!

An 18k White Gold plain gold diamond tennis bracelet

An amazing 18 karat diamond tennis bracelet with prong settings.

Our collection of diamond tennis bracelets just got a new series of additions! Featuring 14-karat and 18-karat white gold or yellow gold bracelets, our new collection is sure to have something for everyone.  On the heels of our new ring collection, we are excited to share our new inventory of diamond tennis bracelets.

Each of the diamond tennis bracelets was hand-selected with great care to build a collection of fine bracelets, each with unique settings and statements, like the pave setting of the diamond tennis bracelet below.

A 14k White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet with Pave Setting

An exquisite diamond tennis bracelet, set in 14-karat white gold.

Stay tuned to the CaratsDirect2U home page for the full details on these diamond tennis bracelets and all our other new pieces in our collection. We’re always hard at work finding the best jewelry to share with you.

If you have any questions about our new diamond tennis bracelets, or want to custom build one of your own, you can always be contact us with any questions at 1-800-557-7095-where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you-or via email at sales@caratsdirect2u.com.


Our new diamond tennis bracelets are perfect for you!

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3 Tips- Invisible Set Diamond Bracelets

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May 042017

3 Tips on Invisible Set Diamond Bracelets

An 18-karat white and yellow gold invisible set bracelet

An exquisite yellow and white gold bracelet

For all those first-timers a quick word about “invisible-set” generally. A diamond with all its inner beauty and charm still needs something to hold it either by itself or together with another stone. As it is the king of the gemstones so usually for this purpose we use the king of the metals, meaning gold. However, this metal however slight is visible unless we can use an “invisible setting” as it is known in the trade, sounds intriguing so far? Well there’s more to come. One of the many diamond cuts is known as the “Princess Cut” which is a square or rectangular shaped diamond and being so they can be placed side by side with a relatively larger common edge than would be with round stones. Diamond technology developed a method whereby with the help of a very fine groove, two diamonds can be locked together without any gold between them. This is how the “invisible setting” was born.

Let’s stretch our imagination and instead of two diamonds getting married invisibly, we have a whole family of them, stretched out over a length long enough to encompass the wrist. The eye will see a row of diamonds and when these are set in a bracelet or in a necklace, the effect is totally amazing.

Tip 1- Invisible does not mean unseen

If this be the case “the bigger the better” should be the policy when buying such an item. Thankfully the truth is far from this because unlike rings, bracelets, be it the beautiful bangle bracelet or the timely tennis bracelet– should be worn with consideration to the clothes one is wearing.

Sometimes a bold statement must be made to accentuate height and presence, sometimes the bracelet is needed to create a contrast to emphasize color and sometimes a bracelet is needed just to complement a style and make a bridge between emotion and appearance.

An 18 karat white gold invisible set diamond bracelet

A square link invisible set diamond bracelet


Tip 2- Wear the invisible set bracelet with confidence

Whichever of these is appropriate and needed, it is easy to choose the appropriate invisible bracelet. A bracelet worn low down on the wrist touching the hand in the same way as a bangle does will add length to any arm and automatically increase the overall height and glamour of a woman. In this case the prudent buyer will look for the maximum width that her budget can afford and it will probably be better to choose two or three rows of smaller stones than a single row bracelet with larger stones for the same value.


Tip 3- Invisible set to draw contrast

Contrast is one of nature’s blessings. So, the person that wants to make a statement about that delightful new dress needs a bracelet with a strong color. Here yellow or rose gold comes into action and it goes without saying that fancy colored diamonds will make sure that those heads will turn.

There are those occasions when you want just an accent, a simple accessory to shift attention for a moment that allows the beholder to refocus with more attention. Minimal and chic are the two keys in this instance to choosing just the right bracelet.

Whichever the choice the bracelet is always multi-functional, can be worn on almost any occasion and always generates an appeal that defines the woman who wants to make a statement.


Our collection of invisible set diamond bracelets is available on our website, or you can build your own by contacting one of our jewelers at 1-800-557-7095 or sales@caratsdirect2u.com


Make the Invisible Seen with an Invisible Set Diamond Bracelet.

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Buyer’s Guide: Star of David Pendant

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Apr 272017

Buyer’s Guide: Star of David Pendant

An 18 karat yellow gold rhombus cut diamond star of david pendant

A sparkling diamond Magen David pendant, set in 18-karat yellow gold

The Star of David pendant is an outstanding jewelry piece combining symbolism and style. When purchasing a Star of David, or Magen David in Hebrew, there are a series of variables to be considered to ensure you buy a high-quality piece. This buyer’s guide will walk through three of the most common elements to focus on when selecting a diamond Star of David pendant.


Variable #1: Size of the Magen David

The Magen David is an evocative symbol. In classic Kabbalistic Jewish imagery, the Magen David represents the authority of God over Earth, ruling in all six directions: North, South, East, West, up and down. The two interlocking triangles represent the relationship between mankind and God, with man’s good deeds our represented by the triangle pointing up and God’s holiness emanating down toward people.


Because of this symbolism, you’ll want to select a Magen David pendant that is recognizable yet comfortable, whether that be a flat star with rows of diamonds, which shows off the shape in the metal, or a compact star with a high concentration of stones, which sparkles beautifully as a symbolic representation of the relationship between mankind and God.


Variable #2: Diamond Design

When purchasing your diamond Star of David pendant, pay special attention to the shape of the diamonds that comprise the Magen David. Pendants made of kite diamonds will sparkle with greater brilliance than a Magen David made from round diamonds when arranged in this shape. A kite diamond will always stand out in the pendant and maintain its distinctiveness even in the hexagonal form of the Star of David.


Two additional elements of design are also important: the thickness of the overall design and the setting and quality of the diamond. When selecting a diamond Magen David pendant look for one that has a good balance between shape and thickness. A Magen David accent that is too thick will not be easily recognizable, while one that is too thin will not show the overall brilliance of the kite diamond. Select a diamond Star of David pendant that shows off the kite diamond but is not too thick.


Similarly, you’ll want to select a Magen David with a setting that shows off as much of the diamond as possible; half-bezel or invisible settings are optimal, while full-bezel or prong settings also work. Be careful in choosing a diamond of high quality. A clear diamond will sparkle and show off the beauty of the Magen David shape much better than a cloudy or colored diamond.

A diamond pendant in the shape of a Star of David, set in 18 karat white gold with a chain

An 18-karat thin white gold Magen David pendant made of kite diamond.

Variable #3: Gold Color & Chain Length

Like any gold jewelry piece, you’ll want to strike a balance between the purity of the gold in your diamond Star of David pendant and the durability of the metal. Pure 24-karat gold is softer than its 18- or 14-karat counterparts and is therefore less durable than the alloys, however has the increased value of being pure gold. In a pendant element both the 18- and 24-karat gold settings and chains are strong enough to hold up with the Star of David shape. Select a chain that is best suited to your budget while maximizing the percentage of gold in the element.


When selecting a Star of David pendant, you need to balance the size of the element with the chain length. A chain that is too thin makes a larger pendant seem of place, while a chain that is too think draws the eye away from the element of the Magen David. Also, the weight of the element itself may deform the chain’s links if they cannot support it, so strike a balance between these two aspects when selecting a pendant. Most of our chains are resizable upon request, so you’ll be able to select a chain that is the perfect length for your Magen David.


Our collection of diamond Star of David pendants is available on our website, or you can build your own by contacting one of our jewelers at 1-800-557-7095 or sales@caratsdirect2u.com

Add Sparkle and Spirituality with a Diamond Star of David Pendant

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Our New Ring Collection is COMING SOON!

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Mar 232017

Our new ring collection is coming soon!

Our new collection of 14 karat white and yellow gold rings

The full sneak preview of our upcoming collection of diamond rings, available soon!

We’re always adding to our collection to bring you the best selection of diamond jewelry at competitive prices and CaratsDirect2U is happy to offer a sneak preview at a new ring collection you’ll be able to find on our website soon. Our newest batch fashionable diamond rings will add to our already fabulous collection of diamond multi-stone and solitaire diamond engagement rings.

A row of 14 karat white gold rings set for display.

A selection of 14 karat white gold rings from our upcoming collection scheduled to hit our website soon.

Our new ring collection of diamond pieces has something for everybody, from 14 carat white gold engagement rings, to fancy yellow gold wedding bands, to all kinds of fashionable statement rings in between. Each ring in our new ring collection, like the striking engagement rings pictured above, was hand-selected with great care and will be delivered to you with the same quality you can expect with any CaratsDirect2U piece.

A few of the 14 karat yellow gold rings in the upcoming collection.

Some of the 14 karat yellow gold rings that will be available when our new collection launches soon.

Rings of all shapes and sizes can be found in our upcoming new ring collection, including various marquise, princess, radiant, and round diamonds, ranging from 1-carat rings all the way to an almost 7-carat ring. Be sure to keep an eye out on the CaratsDirect2U home page for the full details on these exquisite rings when they arrive in stock soon. We’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on a beautiful collection and will be ready to bring them to you soon.


If you have any questions about our upcoming collection of diamond rings, you can always be contact us with any questions at 1-800-557-7095, where one of our expert diamond jewelers will be happy to assist you, or via email at sales@caratsdirect2u.com.

We can’t wait to share our new ring collection with you!

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3 Reasons to Wear Screw Back Earrings

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Mar 092017

3 Reasons to Wear Screw Back Earrings

A pair of earrings can be the difference between a fancy outfit and being the talk of the town. Our collection of elegant earrings or supply of stupendous studs can be the final piece to put your fashion over the top. And when it comes to stud earrings there is no choice like a screw back earring, especially for these 3 reasons a screw back is a stellar choice for your earring setting.

Earring Security

A screw back earring is a stud earring with a threaded post behind the setting that is secured by rotating a nut along the length of the post until it sits flush against the earlobe from behind. The biggest difference between a screw back earring and a friction-based stud earring is the metal threading, which coils around the post and allows the nut to secure the stud in place. Although the process of screwing or unscrewing the nut can be time consuming at first, the benefit of the setting is it is securely fastened to the ear and there is a low chance of something happening to your earring. Screw back earrings are perfect for long periods of wear or highly active situations, like travel or fancy dinners, because of a lower chance of something occurring. Similarly, partial screw back settings, where half the post is coiled and the other is smooth, offer a good balance between the ease of wearing and the strength of the setting. In general, don’t forget about  how to care for diamonds and precious jewelry.

14 Karat Yellow Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings (0.45 Ct, F Color, VS2 Clarity)

A stunning yellow gold threaded screw back earring

Strength in Diamonds

Another great aspect of the screw back setting is security for the diamond. Since they are harder to remove from the ear, threaded screw back earrings are usually set with larger diamonds than friction ones. The biggest beneficiary of this is the buyer, who gets a larger diamond with the same size stud out of the deal. The reason larger diamonds are put in screw back earrings is because the post is thicker than that of a friction stud and the extra material is enough for it to support the weight of a heavier diamond without worrying about it falling out of the earring. This is one area the screw back is the best among all different types of diamond earring back settings.


A partial-screw back setting on a stud earring

A beautiful silver threaded screw back earring

When it comes to durability, screw back is the crème de la crème of stud earrings. For long periods of time screw back earrings will not wear down in part due to the thicker metal of the post. When maintained properly screw backs can last for years on end; proper maintenance involves cleaning the posts and screwing the nut on in the proper fashion-lining up the grooves with the threading and not forcefully pushing the nut to the base of the earlobe, thus stripping the post of its threading. Over a long period, however, a screw back earring will need to be totally replaced but it is the best long-term investment because it can withstand wear and tear for years.

Earrings are the ultimate in choice; from dangles to hoops to studs they can match any style you want. But within the realm of studs there is no stronger choice than a threaded screw back earring, which provides the strength for fancy diamonds, the security of knowing nothing will happen, and the durability to last years on end.  We are always happy to answer your questions about screw back earrings or other jewelry by contacting us at sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of our professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.

Wear your earrings with confidence and strength with screw back earrings

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5 Tips on How to Buy a Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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Feb 072017

5 Tips on How to Buy a Diamond Bangle Bracelet

A diamond bangle bracelet with an 18 karat white gold setting

A diamond bangle bracelet is the keystone to completing any wardrobe.

A diamond bangle bracelet is an extraordinary piece of jewelry but as a piece of diamond jewelry with so many options it is important to keep 5 tips in mind when you decide to buy a diamond bangle bracelet. A bangle bracelet is a made of one solid material without a clasp, usually worn in clusters of a few bracelets. A diamond bangle bracelet can be worn singularly to show off a fancy taste in diamonds or with a grouping to produce sparking effects. Always remember these 5 tips when choosing to buy a diamond bangle bracelet.

Tip #1- The 4 Cs

Like any diamond purchase, the 4 Cs – color, cut, carat weight, and clarity – are of the utmost importance. You should always choose a diamond with a good color, cut, clarity, and a desirable weight, but since the diamonds are set in a bracelet you have some room to maneuver. Inside a metal bracelet setting some imperfections can be hidden so you can choose a diamond that is a bit lower on one of the 4 Cs because its imperfections are not as apparent. Bangles are made of a singular piece of fixed metal and don’t bend so the diamonds will always stand out and you need to make sure that the diamonds you choose are up to your standards. Don’t forget- always choose a diamond shape that’s best suited for you, a fact almost as important as any of the 4 Cs.

Tip #2- Band material

The bangle bracelet is as much an opportunity to show off the metal setting as it is the diamond, especially since bracelets are one if, if not the most, visible items you can wear. When buying a diamond bangle bracelet, the setting has to be durable, which means you need a balance between fashion and durability. Tin is a durable metal but does not make for a fashionable setting while pure 24-karat gold is highly fashionable but incredibly easy to scratch, scuff, or dent, as gold is a soft metal. The best compromise between the two is to choose a bracelet made of silver or gold between 10 and 14 karats, alloys of pure gold whose addition of an extra metal makes them more durable yet still highly fashionable. You’ll be able to find a wide range of choices on the CaratsDirect2U website.

An 18 karat white gold bangle bracelet set with Princess and Round cut diamonds

A diamond bangle bracelet like this one can be worn alone to show off a fancy style.

Tip #3- Band setting

Like the dual requirements of the band material, your bracelet’s setting also needs to be both fashionable and durable. A prong setting will allow the diamonds to reflect light in all directions but runs the risk of letting diamonds fall out after consistent wearing. A wraparound bezel setting is a good compromise between structure and fashion and is the best setting for a bangle bracelet. A half- or full-bezel setting, either partly or fully encompassing the diamond, will show less of the lower half of the diamond but will stand up to wear and tear that could come with wearing a bracelet. Choose a bezel setting for a bracelet you plan to wear with any frequency but don’t be afraid of a prong setting for a fancier bracelet worn only on special occasions.


Tip #4- Number of bangles

Bangle bracelets are a lovely piece of jewelry because of their versatility, with the ability to spice up every-day wear or serve as the final piece in a fancy wardrobe. Keep in mind, you don’t need to wear just one bangle bracelet; in fact, wearing a few bangle bracelets not only makes the wrist more fashionable but also lets you stand out as the bangles knock together and produce sound. Select your diamond bangle bracelet with considerations of whether it will be worn alone or in a group, as this changes the way the piece is worn, and don’t forget to always let each piece shine no matter if alone or worn in a group.

Yellow diamonds stand out on this 14 karat white gold diamond bangle bracelet

The interplay between the silver setting and the yellow diamonds make this diamond bangle bracelet stand out.

Tip #5- Fashion sense

With most of our link bracelets, you have the option to choose how close to the wrist you want to wear the piece. Unlike other types of bracelets, bangles always hang low on the wrist and are always noticeable. A narrow bangle bracelet will result in what looks like a ribbon of diamonds, while a wide bangle bracelet will envelop its diamonds, so choose a style of bangle bracelet that most compliments your sense of fashion. Likewise, you can select a bangle bracelet with the most show for your money by choosing one with more stones and less gold. The key is to match the bangle bracelet to your wardrobe and your sense of style, since there are so many options out there.

The diamond bangle bracelet is a durable, fancy way to improve any look. But with so many options, it is important to keep these 5 tips at hand when buying a bracelet so that you can select the piece best suited for your needs and desires. We are always happy to answer your questions about diamond bangle bracelets or other jewelry contacting sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.


The diamond bangle bracelet- the keystone of any wardrobe.

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Jan 052017

Five Important Pointers for Buying

A Diamond Bracelet Online 

 An 18k round white gold bangle diamond bracelet set with diamonds

A beautiful bangle diamond bracelet

When it comes to diamond jewelry you can’t beat the convenience of buying online. This is especially true when keeping five important pointers in mind for buying a diamond bracelet online. A diamond bracelet, which has far fewer purchasing limitations than rings, pendants, or earrings, is an easy online purchase. Buying a diamond bracelet online affords you the comfort of knowing everything about your investment and the confidence that you’re getting the best deal.

Tip 1: Learn About Your Options

Buying a bracelet online with the vast resources of the internet is much easier than going to a store with only a few options. On the caratsdirect2u.com website you’ll be able to sort diamond bracelets by type, diamond shape, and carat weight— among other options— ensuring you’ll get the widest variety of options that suit your needs at the lowest price. Our online inventory ensures that we can offer low prices on all of our diamond bracelets and with that knowledge you’ll have that confidence that you’re going to the right place to buy your diamond bracelet.


Tip 2: Comfort, comfort, comfort

With diamond bracelets, comfort is key. Bangle bracelets should be worn loose on the wrist while link bracelets and tennis bracelets can be worn either tight against the wrist or looser off the wrist, depending on what you want. Buying from caratsdirect2u.com gives you the power to choose what type and size bracelet is best for you without the hassle of driving to a jewelry dealer or the pressure from their salesman to complete a deal. Purchasing a diamond bracelet online gives you the control to buy what you want and when you want it— be it a bangle, link, or tennis bracelet—not what a jewelry dealer thinks is the best deal for them. You wouldn’t buy a diamond bracelet that’s too tight because it is not comfortable nor should you have to go through a process that is equally as uncomfortable.

An 18k white gold square diamond bracelet set with princess and round cut diamonds

The exquisite white gold square bracelet

Tip 3: Knowing a Good Deal

If the benefit of buying a diamond bracelet in a store is that you can see what you’re buying up close, there’s no better option than buying online, where you can compare any piece to other places instantly. On the caratsdirect2u.com website you can view almost any diamond bracelet in a full 360* degree view, accompanied by high-quality photographs that allow you to feel like you’re in a store from the privacy of your own home. Our 30-day return policy affords you the piece-of-mind that if, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with the diamond bracelet, you’re not stuck in a bad deal. And you can always reach our professional jewelers toll free for help and advice so you’ll be able to know you’re getting the best deal possible both with selection and price.

Tip 4: What You See is What You Get

A diamond bracelet is an investment that shows off your sense of style in a way that other jewelry can’t. Unlike rings, whose diamond shape must be complimentary of the type of finger which they sit on, a diamond bracelet is not dependent on the size of your wrist since the vast majority of people have a standard-sized wrist between 7.5 and 8.5 inches. 14k and 18k gold diamond bracelets are a much easier purchase to buy online than anything else since a diamond bracelet needs only to complement your outfit, and what you see online is what you get. Because of that, online shopping is much more convenient than going into a store and going through a whole rigmarole there.

A 14k White and Yellow Gold link diamond bracelet with millennial and round cut diamonds

A yellow and white gold link bracelet


Tip 5: Broaden Your Possibilities

The purchase of a loose diamond online as opposed to in a store is a vastly different experience from buying jewelry online as opposed to in a store. Loose diamonds have specifications while most jewelry is more a fashion element. A bracelet is the closest piece of jewelry to buying a diamond since most of the cost of a bracelet is the diamond itself. This is especially true with a tennis bracelet, which is a row of diamonds set in gold and held together by a clasp. So buying a diamond bracelet online is a similar process to buying a loose diamond and buying both online have great benefits.

An online purchase of a diamond bracelet is a special way to surprise a loved one treat yourself to a fancy new gift. Keeping these five tips in mind, you’ll be able to buy a diamond bracelet online at the time and manner that best suits you. We are always happy to answer your questions about diamond bracelets or other jewelry contacting sales@caratsdirect2u.com or calling one of professional jewelers at 1-800-557-7095.

Complete your wardrobe with a diamond bracelet

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New Diamonds & Jewelry for a New Year

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Dec 292016

A New Diamond Jewelry Year

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting & Pave Star Shaped Earrings (0.62 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)

Bring in the New Year with the Stars

We wish all our loyal customers from the newest to our first faithful returning clients that they will continue to enjoy the jewelry and diamonds they have purchased from us.

The coming year will see many new, exciting and innovative pieces of 18k white and yellow gold jewelry. Diamonds in exciting shapes for every feeling. Designs for every taste and colors for every emotion. Blogs with information and facts you only dreamed about. News and articles to enrich and broaden your world of jewelry and diamonds. CaratsDirect2U has just become a family.

Enter the coming year with diamonds and jewelry to give hope, courage, inspiration, happiness and love.

Get New with Diamonds and Jewelry

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